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Not Made in China

When I saw Hugo Didier‘s booth at the Spring One of a Kind Show, I quite literally ran across the aisle to check it out. I mean, really. A shop with the name “Not Made in China” is pretty much up my alley, right?

M. Didier is a 3rd generation ceramic artist, and desires to merge the traditional with modern. His “not made in china” artwork on many of the pieces is meant to promote and encourage the idea of buying locally made goods. That’s a message I can get behind.

The small coffee cups are lovely…

Tasse: Petit café

Tasse: Petit café

… but I personally prefer the larger ones. The better for drinking the most tea possible!



Et, biensûr, la petite poutinière est parfaitement Québecoise et Canadienne!



You can take a look at more of Hugo’s ceramics on his site and on Etsy, and find him on Facebook and Twitter, as well as at various shows and expos.

Salad bowl

Salad bowl

And there you have it, our first “maker” feature in far too long. Not Made in China kicks off our 2nd time around with Canadian+Handmade. Happy to be back!

Cheers to that,




Tea for Two*

In keeping with the world wide obsession with all things Royal this week, I have decided to celebrate something wholeheartedly English… Tea!  I love tea, as my collection of teapots can attest, so I thought I would share a few tea related items with you today.  Each would make a great gift for any upcoming wedding (even if your invite to Friday’s main event *did* get lost in the mail.. just like mine!).   No vow-swapping events in your near future?  You may wind up wanting one for yourself!

What’s mine is yours? hmmm… maybe not when it comes to your favorite beverage!

<image source>  This set from Vancouver’s Petrulia finds a nice balance between “couple-y” and “personal space”… love it!  Also, everything in the shop is recycled/reclaimed and then given a new (and beautiful) lease on life with handpainted designs.

oooh... this would be a perfect addition to my collection!

<image source>  This hand-thrown set from Chalk and Mud has such a beautiful blue colour.  It would be a lovely accent to almost any kitchen.

You could say this one is just about Purr-fect... (*groan*)

<image source> This unique wavy piece is courtesy of  Caroline Bousquet from Montreal.  I think the shape is appealing, and the mischievous cat makes me chuckle.   Caroline also has some great hand painted glass  items in her shop, including this super-cute turtle that stole my heart.

No matter if you are a tea fanatic, a coffee aficionado, or a hot chocolate chugger, everyone can appreciate a little bit of style and fun when you are sipping your drink of choice!


*My mother swears that the number of teapots you receive at your wedding symbolizes how many children you will have.   Has anyone else heard of this before?  Or is she just wishful thinking? (We got *five* at our wedding, and I treasure them… but not sure that I need a kiddo for each!)


Dreaming of spring…

Ah, the last day of February. Soon it’s got to start feeling a little more like spring around here, but until then, I’m seeking out some colour and blooms to tide me over.

Mini Garden Print Set by Bomobob Photos -

This set of mini 4″ x 4″ garden prints from Bomobob Photos is full of all the warmth and light of a summer afternoon. The TTV technique (an image taken with one camera, through the view finder of another creating the “framed” effect) is lovely and well suited.

Robert Cadloff has been photographing people and things since his childhood, and the variety of subjects in his shop include fabulous carnival pieces, travel photos, jewellery featuring his artwork and more.

Daffodils are such sunny little things – a nice way to brighten up a snowy February 28th in Alberta!

Daffodil by Bomobob Photos -

And these just make me feel like summer…

Flying by Bomobob Photos -

Field of Sunshine by Bomobob Photos -

To see more of his work, please drop by the Bomobob Photos Cargoh or Etsy shops, or visit his Facebook and Twitter.

Make a little sunshine today,

Beat the blahs with buttons!

Beat those February blahs with these fun, brightly coloured accessories from Quebec’s Button Infatuation.

Kadinsky Daisies by Button Infatuation -

Spring in button form!

Love the monochromatic look of this white set, and the sweet flower in the middle is lovely!

Hazy Daisy by Button Infatuation -

Sweet and fun, with a vintage-looking twist

The creator behind these lovely pieces is Marylène, of Saguenay, Quebec. She obviously has a passion for buttons, and yellow! You can see some of her other favourites on her Tumblr account (also? Yellow!)

Whimsical Musical by Button Infatuation -

These bright colours are just so... fun!

I really like the asymmetrical styling of these necklaces, and the little birdie on this “Pinkish Pistachio” necklace is a nice touch.

Pinkish Pistachio by Button Infatuation -

Perfect hit of colour with a t-shirt and jeans. Simple, but fun and unique!

You can check out Marylène’s shop here, visit her Tumblr blog or find and follow on Facebook!

Happy Thursday!

P.S. Spring is only 33 days away. Yes, I’m counting now.

Jones-ing for Kimberly Jones

A good bag or purse can be more than just a way of carrying around all those little items that a woman needs to have nearby at all times.  It can be portable art or a hand-held billboard to showcase your style and mood.  Also: it’s just really fun to have a selection of fabulous bags to pick from at any time!  The ones catching my eye lately are these colourful clutches from Kimberly Jones Designs.  I am already picturing the outfits that would be perfectly accented by some of these great pieces!

Fresh and bright, a great way to brighten up your look for spring!

This hot pink beehive design is so fun and vibrant! Picture it with a killer little black dress...

Classic and elegant in black and white, with a modern flair!

Not only is there an incredible selection of clutches to choose from, there are even sweet little coin purses and eyeglass cases.   It is so much fun to browse through all the great pieces, I just wish I could take them all home!  I guess I would need a bigger closet though…

No more digging around the bottom of your bag looking for loose change! (or maybe that's just me??)

So much more stylish than the plain boring cases that came with your glasses.

Kimberly will gladly do custom orders, so if you have something you have been trying to find, just ask!  If you are getting married this summer, how great would these be in your bridal colours as a bridesmaid’s gift?  Or maybe someone you know is graduating or embarking on a new career, and the perfect clutch could be just the confidence booster they need to take the working world by storm.  Or maybe, like me, you just want something new and great, for no other reason than to admire it’s beauty.

Want to see more?  The Etsy shop has everything your little heart could desire.  Now, if I could just get that walk-in closet I’ve been dreaming about!


Delicious Fashions from Sweetmeat

Everyone has a favorite outfit (or two) that never fail to make you feel spectacular, highlight all your best features, and project your personality without saying a single word.  Wouldn’t it be great if every piece of clothing we own could make us feel the same way?  If I was building this dream wardrobe for myself, there would definitely be several items from Montreal’s Sweetmeat Clothing.  The clothes have such a sense of fun, interesting lines, and the soft, stretchy fabrics are comfy enough to wear every single day.

I like the colours, and the asymetrical design.

Pretty, sexy, fun, and still classy!

This dress + kick-butt boots + tights = fabulous outfit!

Lucky Montrealer’s (Montreal-ites?) can head to Perfide at 4217 Notre-Dame West for an up close and personal look at these cool threads.  The rest of us must content ourselves with visiting the Etsy shop.

My wish for all of you today:  May your closets be filled with clothes that speak to you, and make you feel confident and amazing!


Good for the Soul (and the Soles!)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: There are few things on this earth cuter than baby feet.  It’s undeniable.  Those pudgy little sausage toes, the delectable little soft roundness… I can’t get enough.  I just want to eat. them. up.

Since I clearly can’t do that (unless I want a very interesting call from child services), I must content myself with dressing those little toes in tiny adorable shoes.  Admittedly, due to their close relationship with baby feet, the shoes are also on the short list for cutest thing ever.    Right now I am loving these ones from Soft Soul Baby Shoes in Montreal.

Eeeee! The patch! on the one eye!

You can even get them personalized with your little munchkin’s name or initial, just to make them a little more special.

Choose your colours, add baby's personal details, and voila!

Or perhaps these are a bit more baby’s style:

Just right for the edgy, misunderstood pre-pre-pre-teen.

If you, like me, have spent countless hours trying to find warm boots that are suitable (read: soft soled) for a kiddo who is just learning to take those first brave toddling steps, look no further!

For the fashionista on the move!

I know I may have a bit of an obsession, but these are seriously cute, right?

Head to the Soft Soul website for more details, or you can also see the multitude of options (seriously: endless combinations!), at the Etsy shop.


Easy Style for the Modern Nursery

A dear friend of mine is expecting her first baby in just a few weeks.  Everyone is understandably very, very excited, and hotly anticipating the big arrival.  But there is one problem:  they don’t really know what to do with the nursery.  You see, baby’s gender is remaining a mystery, and Mommy and Daddy-to-be prefer a modern style.  Cheesy over-the-top teddy bears or overtly “babyish” cartoony animals just won’t cut it.  So, being the good friend that I am, I have used my “expert googling internet-thingy” skills to hunt up some pretty, gender neutral, and 100% cheese-free wall decor that would be perfect for any nursery.

Leo Little Lion is based in Montreal, and they create unique, original wall decals and work with you to make sure that your decal is exactly the way you envisioned it.  To top it all off, every purchase you make from Leo Little Lion is a purchase that makes a difference.  A percentage of all Etsy sales is constantly reinvested at to support micro-loans that change lives all around the world.  That’s something that can make you feel as good as your newly decorated walls look!

These adorable koala's look downright huggable!

This "tweet tree" evokes spring, a time of rebirth... fitting, no?

A little bit abstract, this one is inspired by the way our dreams seem to slip away from us as we wake. I think it's beautiful.

There are also decals that can go anywhere in your home, so baby doesn’t get to have all the fun.  I particularly like this bouquet of tall roses:

Ideal for an entryway or powder room, and so easy to apply!

You can find Leo Little Lion on their website, the Etsy shop, Cargoh shop, Facebook, and Twitter.  What a fun and easy way to add some style to any room, and simple to change whenever the mood strikes!


Keeping it Ethical, Organic and Canadian

Ah, mais oui. Il me fait du bon quand j’ai occasion de parler francais, et à Vancouver il y avait plusieurs vendeurs Québecois tellement doué. One of those vendors from the fair province of Québec was Oöm Ethikwear.

I’ll be honest, I fell in love with a little dress that is currently out of stock (but I’m keeping my eye on it, because there are certain little people who have birthdays coming up!), but the rest of their line intrigued me as well. Lovely designs, and the fabrics were gorgeously soft!

Amour by Oöm Ethikwear -

"L'amour ne se calcule pas"

Penseur by Oöm Ethikwear -


Flamenco by Oöm Ethikwear -


I love that their tagline is “Ethical Organic Canadian”… and they really do stand by their clothing. Not only are they made with organic and environmentally responsible fabrics (recycled cotton etc.), but Oöm offers a $5 gift card for every piece of clothing that the buyer returns to them at the end of it’s life cycle in their closet. This means that they carry the responsibility for their products and their impact on the environment right through it’s life span and ensure that the clothing is integrated back into the marketplace by donation or recycling. It’s also nice to know that since their inception in 2005 they have donated 1% of profits to several chosen charities. All around, the folks at Oöm seem like they’ve got a great attitude about working within, and for, their larger community and environment. Plus, they make really cute clothes!

Robe 60's by Oöm Ethikwear -

Robe 60's Dress

Astronaut by Oöm Ethikwear -

The "Astronaut"

Their children’s line (Bébé Oöm!) is really adorable – I love the superhero jammies, and the designs are young and hip (although I really don’t like that word. Hip. We need to think of another word that means the same thing!) Whatever word we use, any little one sporting Bébé Oöm will be just a little bit cuter than the generic-clad youngster nearby ;) The messages passed on through Oöm aren’t just in the fabric and the business, I also love the little taglines on the clothing – positive, reinforcing, something I’d be proud for my daughters to wear.

Hero by Oöm Ehikwear -

Superhero bébé!

Cleff by Oöm Ethikwear -

The key to my heart...

Souliers by Oöm Ethikwear -

"Mes souliers sont fait pour marcher et ils iront loin!"

You can find out more about Oöm on their website at (mostly in French) and shop in their online boutique (which is bilingual). They are also on Facebook and Twitter, like everyone else these days :)


Event Alert: Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, Toronto, London & Winnipeg

Now that it is officially December, even the Grinch-y-est among us starts to feel a little bit festive.  The air smells like gingerbread, the lights are twinkling, and the dusting of snow is still new and light enough to be pretty (at least around my neck of the woods!).  So why not bundle up a bit, and make some time this weekend to check out one of these exciting events?  Hopefully there’s one near you!

Vancouver, BC: See 50 local artists at the annual Got Craft? Holiday Show.  It is being held at the Royal Canadian Legion 2205 Commercial Drive (@ E.6th Ave),  on Sunday only. Cost is only $3.00, and the show runs from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.  As a special bonus, the first 45 guests get a free swag bag!  There is also a do it yourself table if you feel like getting in on the crafty action.

Montreal, QC: Join Team EtsyQ (the official Quebec Etsy Team), as they kick off their very first craft show and sale!  Creations & Cocoa will run from Dec 3rd to Dec 5th, at Galerie Rye.  Sip some delicious organic hot chocolate, and get to know some of the fantastic crafters from La Belle Province!   Doors will be open from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm on Friday, and from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday.   You can even win while you shop!  With every purchase of $25 or more, get a ticket to win one of the gift draws donated by the participants.  Galerie Rye is located at 1331a Ste. Catherine East, close to Metro Beaudry.

Calgary, AB: This weekend the Our Best To You show comes to the BMO Centre at Stampede Park.  With over 260 exhibitors, there is sure to be something for everyone on your list.  Doors open at 10:00 am daily, and close at 9:30 on Friday, 6:00 on Saturday, and 5:00 on Sunday.  Admission is $7.00, Seniors and Youth are $5.00.  Re-entry passes are available, so you can come and go all weekend long.  Click here for a map to the BMO Centre (formerly the Roundup Centre).

Toronto, ON: Don’t forget, this is your last chance to catch the One Of A Kind show at the Direct Energy Centre.  I was there on Monday, and it was fantastic!  Doors open daily at 10:00 am, and you can find more details here.

London, ON: You won’t want to miss the 2010 Christmas Craft Festival at the Western Fairgrounds (Progress Building).  The show is open from 11:00 am daily, and runs until 9:00 on Friday, 6:00 on Saturday, and 5:00 on Sunday.  Tickets are $6.00 each, or you can click here to print a pdf coupon for $1.00 off.

Winnipeg, MB: Aqua Books will host another Crafty Minions show on Saturday from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm.  Admission is free, so head over and check out all the unique handmade items.  Shop for gifts, or just spoil yourself with something special!  Not sure exactly where to find Aqua Books?  We’ve got you covered: click here for a map.

There are, of course, many other events taking place across the country this weekend.  Kitchener/Waterloo welcomes the Christkindl Market, or there’s the This Aint Your Grandma’s Craft Sale taking place on Sunday in Winnipeg.  Here’s hoping that you find something near you to satisfy your crafty side!