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Not Made in China

When I saw Hugo Didier‘s booth at the Spring One of a Kind Show, I quite literally ran across the aisle to check it out. I mean, really. A shop with the name “Not Made in China” is pretty much up my alley, right?

M. Didier is a 3rd generation ceramic artist, and desires to merge the traditional with modern. His “not made in china” artwork on many of the pieces is meant to promote and encourage the idea of buying locally made goods. That’s a message I can get behind.

The small coffee cups are lovely…

Tasse: Petit café

Tasse: Petit café

… but I personally prefer the larger ones. The better for drinking the most tea possible!



Et, biensûr, la petite poutinière est parfaitement Québecoise et Canadienne!



You can take a look at more of Hugo’s ceramics on his site and on Etsy, and find him on Facebook and Twitter, as well as at various shows and expos.

Salad bowl

Salad bowl

And there you have it, our first “maker” feature in far too long. Not Made in China kicks off our 2nd time around with Canadian+Handmade. Happy to be back!

Cheers to that,




Take a Dip with Maxwell Pottery

The Superbowl is coming up in a couple of weeks.  This is always a rather big deal at our house, as my husband is a huge sports fan (Football Sundays are sacred, and an annual pilgrimage to his hockey “hometown” is a must).  This year though, the big game is even bigger than ever before.  That’s because this year, my dear husband’s team is actually PLAYING in the Superbowl.  Needless to say, there will be some sort of festivities at our house on game day, jerseys will be worn by everyone big or small (if they made cat-sized jerseys I am sure we’d have one of those too),  and food and beverages will be consumed.  This is where I get to have my fun.  I do like the game, and will certainly be cheering loudly along with everyone else, but I also really like to plan the menu.  And how great would it be to have a delicious spinach dip surrounded by pita crisps in one of these fun dip bowls from Maxwell Pottery?

A perfect way to add some Canadiana to your party.


Functional, and cute too!

This one is big enough to bake a lasagna. Way more fun than the boring clear glass one I normally use!

I think the nautical feel of these pieces is perfectly casual and lighthearted.  They are lovely for entertaining, but would be equally as suitable on the table for any family meal, or even at the cottage!    Daniel starts each item from a ball of clay, then shapes them into useful and attractive stoneware in his studio about 40 kilometers from North Bay.  He then colours them using his own glazes.   Everything is dishwasher, oven, and microwave safe, so they are great for every day use.

Head to the website to see more about Daniel, the studio location, and some of his other works.

Go Team!

Buttons, Bowls, and so much more!

When I was a kid, I used to love digging through my mom’s big jar of mismatched or discarded buttons, searching for the perfect one for whatever crafty project I was currently working on.   I loved how they were all different textures, colours, sizes and shapes.  It was like my very own little treasure hunt!   That magical jar of buttons came to mind the other day when I saw the pottery buttons from Janson Pottery.   These unique, hand formed buttons would have been a fantastic addition to the collection.

Wildflower impressions give these buttons their textured look and feel.

After reminiscing over the buttons, I ventured further, and found that Janson Pottery has lots more to offer!  Like this fun Happy Birthday Bowl.

Wouldn't it be a neat family tradition if once a year, on your special day, you got to eat breakfast out of the Birthday Bowl??

The answer to keeping garlic fresh and delicious

Check out the Janson Pottery website for details and product listings, or if you prefer, head over to the Etsy shop, there’s lots to see there too.  You can also follow Janet (she’s the talent behind the potter’s wheel) on Twitter or friend her on Facebook.

Here’s to fond memories, new and old…

More than a Mug

Something about the fall season pulls me towards things that are earthy and cozy.  The air gets a little cooler, and I am drawn to pottery, wool, stone, and wood.  So today, I have chosen to share some pottery and ceramics with a timeless twist.  Lurearts pottery does have wonderful bowls and mugs (and trust me, I love those too!), but what really made me do a double take were the clocks.

This gorgeous blue damask clock has charm and style

The impression on the face of this feminine and classic clock was made from an antique doily

Love is timeless, and this beautiful clock is too!

There are also other fabulous items to be found, including cupcake stands, mugs, bowls, pendants, coasters and more!  If you are one of those people who are already in full holiday preparation mode (seriously? Who ARE those people?!) you may especially like these sweet snowflake ornaments:

Ok, so I haven't yet started any holiday shopping, but these ornaments have me inspired!

Pam is the Toronto artist and ceramics teacher behind Lurearts Pottery.  You can learn more about her work and inspiration on her blog, or go shopping in her Etsy shop!


Feel the Spirit of this Stunning Stoneware

There is nothing like a hot cup of coffee, tea, or even hot chocolate in a favorite mug. For me, the bigger, heavier, and earthier the mug, the better! So it is no surprise that I have fallen head over heels in love with Sara Bonnyman Pottery.

Hailing from Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia, Sara creates beautiful and functional stoneware that can add warmth and personality to every table. On those cold winter nights, Sara also makes lovely hooked rugs and wall hangings, but that’s a post for another day!
There is more to Sara’s pottery than just a new favorite coffee companion. Her designs grace bowls, plates, serving dishes, chip and dip platters, sushi plates, and more. Each piece just as lovingly crafted as the last.

I can imagine this filled with fresh berries on a summer evening. Mmmm...

The leaf pattern is so pretty, I would be sad to cover it with food!

Guests will enjoy nibbling at your treats to uncover this pretty pattern.

This is technically a chowder bowl, but it would totally be my tea mug!

I can picture these as great hostess gifts, wedding gifts, or just as a treat for yourself.   Sara also hosts studio tours if you happen to be in the Tatamagouche area. Check here for directions if you want to stop by and watch Sara in action.

Warm wishes to all,