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Valentine’s Day treats

Valentine’s Day is sneaking up on us! 1 week from today, wouldn’t it be fun to have something a little unique and, dare I say, handmade to offer your sweetie? Or, if you’ve already planned ahead and have got it all under control, just send the link to this post to your chosen one just in case they aren’t as organized as you are!

Check out these sweet valentine’s day postcards from Jasonda at Dotty Logic – just download and print! You can spread a little love, too, by donating to one of her favourite causes, The Hearts on Noses Mini Pig Sanctuary in Maple Ridge, BC (details on her blog post!)

Valentine's Cards by Dotty Logic -


Taking your honey out for Chinese food for dinner? Slip these little valentines across the table after the meal. These adorable felt fortune cookies are from Montreal’s Yummy Pocket.

Felt fortune cookies by Yummy Pocket -

"I love you more than my iPhone"

Drug store chocolates won’t do this holiday. Try the handmade chocolates from Vancouver’s Giggle Sweets (if they taste half as good as they look, it’s a total win-win). Of all things, I can’t believe I’ve never had salted caramels. Time to rectify that situation, I think!

Salted Caramels by Giggle Sweets -

Valetine's Day + Chocolate = match made in heaven

Original art is a very personal gift, and these pieces from Jellybeans are so lovely for Valentine’s Day.

Hanging Heart watercolour by Jellybeans -

"Hanging Heart" original watercolour

Jellybeans, based in the Toronto area, also does custom family tree paintings which would be a great gift to celebrate the love of your family this Valentine’s Day!

Custom Family Tree by Jellybeans -

Family love!

If you’ve got a great Valentine’s Day gift idea, let us know in the comments! We’d be happy to “share the love”!


Easy Style for the Modern Nursery

A dear friend of mine is expecting her first baby in just a few weeks.  Everyone is understandably very, very excited, and hotly anticipating the big arrival.  But there is one problem:  they don’t really know what to do with the nursery.  You see, baby’s gender is remaining a mystery, and Mommy and Daddy-to-be prefer a modern style.  Cheesy over-the-top teddy bears or overtly “babyish” cartoony animals just won’t cut it.  So, being the good friend that I am, I have used my “expert googling internet-thingy” skills to hunt up some pretty, gender neutral, and 100% cheese-free wall decor that would be perfect for any nursery.

Leo Little Lion is based in Montreal, and they create unique, original wall decals and work with you to make sure that your decal is exactly the way you envisioned it.  To top it all off, every purchase you make from Leo Little Lion is a purchase that makes a difference.  A percentage of all Etsy sales is constantly reinvested at to support micro-loans that change lives all around the world.  That’s something that can make you feel as good as your newly decorated walls look!

These adorable koala's look downright huggable!

This "tweet tree" evokes spring, a time of rebirth... fitting, no?

A little bit abstract, this one is inspired by the way our dreams seem to slip away from us as we wake. I think it's beautiful.

There are also decals that can go anywhere in your home, so baby doesn’t get to have all the fun.  I particularly like this bouquet of tall roses:

Ideal for an entryway or powder room, and so easy to apply!

You can find Leo Little Lion on their website, the Etsy shop, Cargoh shop, Facebook, and Twitter.  What a fun and easy way to add some style to any room, and simple to change whenever the mood strikes!


Out of Ruins: Eye-catching Glass Art

It is no secret that I adore coloured glass.  My eyes are always drawn to the play of light and colour, and I stare (ok, drool) until I have to tear myself away.  Let’s just say I almost needed a bib when I found the Ottawa collective called Out of Ruins.  Their glass art is whimsical, modern, and beautiful.  The cheerful feel would brighten your mood, even on the gloomiest winter day.

This furry friend is totally precious!

These flowers look fresh and bright!

This craggy tree brings to mind the call of the loons on a quiet northern lake.

If you have something particular in mind, you can also request custom work.  You can check out a gallery of completed custom projects here.   They also have a line of flattened wine bottle cheese boards that are both fun and functional!  You can contact them online, or find out if Out of Ruins will be at a craft show near you by clicking on the events page.


Cruising down Marzipan Road

Back when I was a student I had the opportunity to have some very unique and interesting summer jobs.  One of my favorites was the summer that I got to spend as an interpreter at a historical village.  While I was teaching visitors about the site, I was also learning things like how to capture chickens, how to card and spin wool, and even how to make hooked rugs.  Despite the expected jokes about me spending the summer as a “hooker”, I had a great time practicing these often forgotten skills.  I must say though, that none of my projects ever ended up looking as phenomenal as these ones by Marzipan Road.   Karen has always loved needlework, but fell in love with the medium of hooked rugs and hasn’t looked back since!  Her colour choices and artistry are lovely, and the results are fantastic.

I can almost smell the salt air and hear some east coast tunes!

This piece uses special fibres, like alpaca, to give added texture and dimension.

I love this cool blue mountainscape, inspired by Icelandic scenery.

If you want to see more you can check out Karen’s blog, or become a fan on facebook.   Of course, the Marzipan Road shop on Etsy has a selection of pieces inspired by the nature and scenery from Karen’s travels.  The images she creates are so pretty that I am almost tempted to pick up my long-retired hook… but I think I’d better leave that to the truly talented folks like Karen.


A Gallery at Home

What you have hanging on your walls can say a lot about who you are as a person.  It is a visual representation of your style and what is important to you.  So why do so many of us have mass-produced pieces of art that don’t truly reflect our passions?

My husband and I recently finished some work in our basement, and along with the fresh new look, we are craving some new artwork that highlights who we are, and surrounds us with unique beauty.  This led me to find Shanna Creations from Winnipeg Manitoba.  Billed as “earthy art for modern homes”, Shanna’s work is dramatic yet soothing and I find myself drawn each and every piece.  I love the large scale, and the way the images often stretch across several canvasses.  It’s like having your very own art gallery!

The freewheeling birds bring such life to this peaceful scene!

This one is my husband's favorite, the green is so dramatic!

The texture on this piece gives it a little bit of extra appeal.

Shanna is a self-taught artist who has been creating since she was a little girl.  You can learn more about her on her website, on Etsy, or check out her blog to hear what she has to say about her work.

Wishing you a day filled with beauty,

Meow of the day!

Jenn and I grew up with a handsome fellow in our house. Sure, our brothers were pretty cute (don’t tell them I said that!) but that handsome guy I’m referring to was Sunshine, our long-ish haired, sweet-faced, softest-kitty-ever.

When I saw the original artwork in Tara Anderson’s Gingercatpress shop, I couldn’t help but grin. She posts a new “Meow of the Day” original piece each day, and today’s reminded me of our Sunny.

Gingercatpress -

Her daily artwork pieces are available for 7 days only, so if you see one you like, snap it up quickly! Tara’s shop is full of adorable little feline creatures – some stealing beans from the plate on the table, some looking super-proud to have caught that little felt mouse, others (like Red, below) looking for a little romance!

Gingercatpress also offers greeting cards and art prints or her original artwork, perfect little pieces for the cat lover in your life. I just love the look on Misty’s face!

gingercatpress -

Red has eyes only for Misty, but Misty's a little shy ;)

gingercatpress -

Benjamin is one cute little dude!

After time spent as a bookseller, Tara has returned to her fine art and illustrator roots. She takes inspiration from the many kitties that live on her 200-acre farm, house cats and barn cats alike. Having grown up with a regal-looking prince of a cat, who was born in a barn but who’s favourite spot was on our laps or in a patch of warm sunlight, I’m sure there’s plenty of personality on her farm to inspire many more paintings!

You can also find Tara online at her blog and on Twitter.


Field Trip – Origami inspired poster art

Spotted on Cargoh‘s homepage last night was this LOVEly poster by Amy, a Vancouver based web and graphic designer. Taking inspiration from origami art, typography and that most-vital of human emotions, love, her work is bold and clean.

love will save the day_field trip @ Cargoh

Bloom_field trip @ Etsy

I really love the graphics in these small prints (8.5 x 11 or 8 x 10), and I think they’d be great in an office or studio space, or in your entryway to add a boost of colour and a little meditative reminder before you head out for the day!

You can also find Amy at her Etsy shop (Field Trip) and on her eclectic blog at Handmade Evolution, featuring everything indie and handmade! Sounds like Amy is our kind of  woman :)