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Fine Fleet

In a parallel universe, there’s a version of me living in a super-modern loft apartment somewhere in Denmark. You know, the kind where the interior decor is all white, with hits of colour here and there and no. clutter. anywhere.

Since I can’t make that my reality right now, instead I’m going to covet the work of Zoe Garred. Her line of beautifully simple and elegant “pools”, sold under the Fleet banner, is lovely. From the Fleet website:

Pools is a complete ceramic tableware collection consisting of vessels and lids that can be used in many combinations for multiple purposes.

Pools by Fleet -

Versatile vessels: pools can be used as bowls, vases, serving trays or anything you'd like! Ceramic Vessels -

Gorgeous colours! Ceramic Vessels -

Simplicity in a table setting

{image source}

Click here for a short stop-motion video of some of the uses that Zoe considers for her multi-functional pools and I’m sure you’ll think of more of your own!

3 weeks ago, the new Shell lamp was launched, shown below. I love it’s warm glow through the porcelain, and the low profile. Even if you don’t live in that Danish loft I dream of (or, okay, maybe a wicked warehouse conversion in Vancouver or Toronto!), wouldn’t these be fabulous as floor lights? Or tucked into a shelf for cosy mood lighting?

Lamp by -


{image source}

A visit to the Fleet Objects Facebook page led to a pleasant surprise – Zoe has a new jewellery line in the works, planned to launch later this month! I look forward to seeing more of what’s ahead – the sneak peek looks gorgeous!

For more information, visit (and buy there too!),  Facebook, or to shop check out Fleet on Supermarket.


P.S. Fleet Objects will be at the Make It show in Vancouver this weekend – more details in the post below :)

Buttons and baubles

I admit it, I sport a ponytail more days than I’d like. If I had some of Melissa Abram’s fun hair accessories, I might feel a little happier about that fact!

BlueTree Hair accessory by Melissa Abrams -

A simple, organic print

{image source}

Brocade by Melissa Abrams -

A splash of pretty brocade on this headband

{image source}

Okay, here’s another confession – I cannot make bobby pins do what they’re supposed to do. They just don’t stay in my hair… but if I ever figure it out, I’d like to add these pretty kimono pins to my collection, please!

Kimono by Melissa Abrams on

Little black dress, red shoes and these in your hair? Gorgeous.

{image source}

Robots are, shall we say, “trending” these days and this handsome little dude is featured on one of Melissa’s necklaces and more retro robot styles on rings as well!

We heart robots by Melissa Abrams on


{image source}

Melissa hails from Quadra Island, BC and has a great line of semi-precious jewellery as well. Be sure to drop by her website, her Etsy shop or her Facebook page to see more of her designs including earrings, rings, bracelets and more hair accessories.



P.S. I found Melissa via the Artzi Stuff shop in Nanaimo, BC! If you’re in the area, definitely check it out – over 40 Canadian artists are featured!

Jones-ing for Kimberly Jones

A good bag or purse can be more than just a way of carrying around all those little items that a woman needs to have nearby at all times.  It can be portable art or a hand-held billboard to showcase your style and mood.  Also: it’s just really fun to have a selection of fabulous bags to pick from at any time!  The ones catching my eye lately are these colourful clutches from Kimberly Jones Designs.  I am already picturing the outfits that would be perfectly accented by some of these great pieces!

Fresh and bright, a great way to brighten up your look for spring!

This hot pink beehive design is so fun and vibrant! Picture it with a killer little black dress...

Classic and elegant in black and white, with a modern flair!

Not only is there an incredible selection of clutches to choose from, there are even sweet little coin purses and eyeglass cases.   It is so much fun to browse through all the great pieces, I just wish I could take them all home!  I guess I would need a bigger closet though…

No more digging around the bottom of your bag looking for loose change! (or maybe that's just me??)

So much more stylish than the plain boring cases that came with your glasses.

Kimberly will gladly do custom orders, so if you have something you have been trying to find, just ask!  If you are getting married this summer, how great would these be in your bridal colours as a bridesmaid’s gift?  Or maybe someone you know is graduating or embarking on a new career, and the perfect clutch could be just the confidence booster they need to take the working world by storm.  Or maybe, like me, you just want something new and great, for no other reason than to admire it’s beauty.

Want to see more?  The Etsy shop has everything your little heart could desire.  Now, if I could just get that walk-in closet I’ve been dreaming about!


The rare Ruby

I’m in love. It’s true – this cuff from Ruby Star Designs has me swooning. I’m not sure I’m going to be able to wait until this post goes live before I buy it (I like to give you guys a shot, but all’s fair in love and war, right?!)

Flower Pattern leather cuff by Ruby Star Designs -

I'm already picturing the outfit I'd wear this with...

The artist is a photographer and graphic designer from Vancouver, who doesn’t share their name on Etsy but does let us know that as a child they once made a set of blue corduroy, satin trimmed shoes for their cat. That’s creativity that I can get behind. What I’d like to know is whether or not the cat deigned to wear the shoes!

Back to the current project – the cuffs are decorated with the artist’s own illustrations and photos, mixed up with some vintage illustrations as well. They are unique, modern yet retro at the same time, and somehow the thought of wearing a moose on my wrist seems classic and elegant in this form.

Moose leather cuff by Ruby Star Designs -

Pair this with your favourite LBD. Dare you. You'll be the best-dressed in the room!

Vintage birds on leather cuff by Ruby Star Designs -

*dreaming of Spring*

Someone we know well here at Canadian+Handmade (ahem *mygirlthursday*) is planning a craft-themed tattoo. The less adventurous among us craft-lovers might choose this cuff instead!

Sewing Machine leather cuff by Ruby Star Designs -

Classically elegant machinery

The cuffs are all adjustable for small to medium sized wrists, and some are available in a narrower version as well. You can check out the full selection on the Etsy shop at Ruby Star Design!


Man (and Woman’s) Best Friend

I spent these past couple of days very much out of my element – I was a newbie spectator at the AAC National Agility Championship at Spruce Meadows, outside of Calgary. Our family boasts a couple of very talented handlers and their fantastic border collies, and they were competing at the top level all weekend. It was such a blast to see them run the tricky courses, and I was amazed by the way the dogs react to the slightest hand movement from their handlers (and maybe DON’T respond to the rather, um, insistent yelling quite as quickly?! *chuckle*)

So, I came home thinking that these dogs deserve something a little special… and I found it at Vurv Design! Glenn Ross’s work is a function of his training in architecture, which led to a love of modern furniture design. He says his  goal is

to create warm, comfortable spaces within the context of the modern home.

Seems to me that a family dog is a big part of the warmth of a family, and that these gorgeous accessories would fit into any modern home with style.

Cherry 2 Feeder by Vurv -

I clumsily kicked over the dog's water bowl in my cousin's hotel room this weekend. This water/feed stand might help avoid that!

If my dog ate from this bowl, he might be allowed to join us in the kitchen ;)

And the piece de resistance? After the dogs ran their little hearts out this weekend, maybe they could curl up in the super lovely Ellipse bed!

Ellipse Dog Bed by Vurv - www.canadianhandmade.caGlenn’s furniture is handmade in Coquitlam, BC and I for one would love to see more pieces! You can keep up with Vurv Designs at the shop on Cargoh, Twitter, or on his blog. For a  little taste of what else Glenn can do, visit his website and click the “Shop for People” link. That desk just made me swoon ;)

Cheers to our canine friends – they sure make life interesting!

Superfly and superlovely

Oh, how I love a snuggly baby blanket. We have 2 little girls, and while we do have lots of kid-size blankets (I’d estimate about 15, including the hand-knitted lovelies that they sleep with every night and nap!), I’m always looking for one that’s just a bit bigger or a bit smaller or lighter weight or thicker or longer or fuzzier or… you get the idea. Depending on the situation, you need just the right blanket. Which is why, I say, you can never have enough. And if you do end up with extras, the big girl will just confiscate them for her dolls anyway.

All that to say that, um, I *love* these pretty and cozy-looking blankets from Julie at Superfly Lullabies. This Whimsical Woodland blankie struck my fancy:

Whimsical Woodland by Superfly Lullabies -

As did this stripey-blanket that, conveniently, matches my baby’s nursery.

Swanky Stripes by Superfly Lullabies -

LOVE the stripes! Gorgeous!

Julie also offers pretty bibs, long enough to tuck under the high chair tray (she’s definitely a Mom!). All of her items are sewn in her home, prewashed and preshrunk, ready for your little one.

Whispering Woods by Superfly Lullabies -

Drop by for a visit to this White Rock, BC seller’s Etsy shop, her Cargoh shop, find her on Twitter @superflyjulie or on Facebook, too! I think every baby deserves 1 (or 2 or 3 or more!) special blankets to snuggle with!