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iPad Mini Case Round-Up

Ah, the combination of hi-tech and handmade. It makes me happy. Our family just welcomed another member of the i-family to our home and our brand shiny new iPad mini needs a case, so I went Etsy browsing!

Bonspiel Creation - Victoria, BC

Bonspiel Creation – Victoria, BC

One-of-a-Kind sleeve style case, made from a piece of an oil painting that has been sealed to be weather resistant. Upcycled buckle and leather trim as well. Created by Bonspiel Creation from Victoria, BC.

Leather iPad mini case - Toronto

Princess Tree Accessories – Toronto

Charcoal and lime green iPad mini case from Princess Tree Accessories, based out of Toronto. (on sale for $30.14 CAD with a free iPhone 4/4S case, too!)

Sock Monkey case by Downgirl - Guelph

downgirl – Guelph

Handknit Sock Monkey iPad Mini sleeve by downgirl, from Guelph, ON. ($29.11 CAD)

Etsy shop - VintageFabricFinds - Annapolis Royal, NS

Vintage Fabric Finds – Annapolis Royal, NS

Padded iPad Mini sleeve in grey chevron with velcro closure by VintageFabricFinds from Annapolis Royal, NS. ($22.00 CAD)

BoutiqueId - Toronto

BoutiqueId – Montreal, QC

Felt Fox sleeve, with small front pocket and included D rings to turn it into a small messenger back from Boutique Id in Montreal, QC. ($64.46 CAD)

Molipop - Quesnel, BC

Molipop – Quesnel, BC

Padded cotton sleeve with velcro closure from Molipop in Quesnel, BC. ($28.07 CAD)

Zenok Leather - Vancouver, BC

Zenok Leather – Vancouver, BC

Hand stitched leather sleeve with snap, and option for monogram. By Zenok Leather in Vancouver, BC. ($88.37 CAD)

Shibang Designs - Montreal, QC

Shibang Designs – Montreal, QC

Cotton sleeve with screen-printed branches and a bright cobalt blue flower appliqued on the front. Shibang Designs from Montreal, QC. ($46.78 CAD)

All of these makers and designers have lots more product available in their shops! Colours and sizes to fit lots of different devices. Enjoy :)


Feature Artist: Megan of

I discovered NeededWanted a little while ago, and fell in love with the idea of Megan’s custom neighbourhood street maps. Honestly, how fun to have your own local world to play with your cars and build Lego villages around?!

I Am Here play map by -

Custom play map, designed to match any neighbourhood of your choice!

The NeededWanted play maps come in 3 sizes, with streets the perfect width for matchbox cars and hours of enjoyment. Now, as I investigated further, I realized there was much more to Megan and her products – there are also little custom-knitted monster critters, as well as her adorable little village pieces made out of cardboard and perfect for any kid to make their own!

Starter Home by -

This "Starter Home" comes with the required suburban tree and can be decorated however your child would like!

I love the little Starter Home, and that it requires no glue/staples/adhesive of any kind. Your child can decorate however they’d like, play with it, then fold it up and put it away until next time! Beautifully simple.

Also? The little monster guy? Perfectly sized to live inside the Starter Home, or the Bungalow or the Barn that are also available!

Needless to say, I was intrigued so I contacted Megan and she graciously agreed to answer a few questions for us, to give us a little more insight into her product and her process.

Canadian+Handmade: What does the name of your site, NeededWanted, mean for you?
NeededWanted: If something is both needed and wanted it is often loved in return.

I wanted to to create an online store where each and every item meets the criteria of being needed and wanted by both a child and a parent. I wanted to have a store where people would fall in love with every creation.


C+H: What started the creative fire burning for you? Do you remember a particular moment, a favourite childhood activity, something you saw and wanted to recreate or improve upon?
NW: I grew up in a house where creativity was always encouraged. I was free to dream and create anything that I could think of, limited only by my imagination and creativity.

When I was maybe 9 I can remember creating elaborate things like boardgames and stationary. One particular item that I can remember creating was a set of stationary with hippos on it. When colouring in the purple hippos on each page I can remember wanting to make sure that they matched as best as they could. I wanted them to look like they had been professionally printed. When I had the full set all finished I decided that they needed to look like they came from a store. I went off to the kitchen to get some saran wrap and a thick peice of cardboard, laid the pages down on the cardboard and wrapped the saran wrap around them as tight as I could. I guess that even at the young age, of 9, I was destined and passionate about one day owning my own store.


C+H: What is the best (and worst, if you’d like to share!) part about owning your own business?
NW: The best part of owning my business is that I own it. I just love to create and having an outlet where I can share my creations with the world, and at the end of the day I get to make all the decisions is just so amazing to me.

The worst part of owning my business is that my business is me and if people don’t like what I create with it then they don’t like me. It is really hard sometimes to separate yourself from your business and not take everything too personally.


C+H: Where do you look for inspiration?
NW: When I create I always seem to start with the raw materials whether it be a ball of yarn, a roll of vinyl or a big sheet of cardboard. I often find myself staring at them almost like it is a challenge. “What can I make with this?”  Sometimes an idea comes right away and other times it can take weeks for the idea to percolate then all of a sudden in the middle of the night I need to start working.


C+H: What part of creating your pieces gives you the most joy and satisfaction?
NW: At first I thought that it would be finishing a piece that gives me the most satisfaction. Seeing the final product, the end result of all my hard work.  But when I really think about it, I would have to say it is more seeing it coming together, the stage where it is almost complete but not quite yet. That is when I get the most excited and I really start to get my creative juices going. It is when I know that I am almost finished yet it can still go so many ways.


C+H: What is it about your creations that sets you apart?
NW: My creations are just that.  Mine.  They are as unique and eclectic as I am.


C+H: Do you feel that living in Canada has influenced your work?
NW: I think that if I lived anywhere other than Canada, then I wouldn’t have the creative freedom that I do.  I also wouldn’t have the support of fellow Canadians, as nowhere else in the world supports each other quite like Canadians do.  I love my country.
I am here playmap by -

Hours of fun, and easy to pack away when the cars (or the kids!) run out of gas!


C+H: What advice would you give someone who is just starting out selling their work?
NW: 1. Your time is worth more than you think. Don’t undervalue your work.


C+H: Who has provided you with inspiration or mentorship in terms of business or your creative journey?
NW: My husband is always my sounding board whether he realizes it or not. I don’t think that he is always listening to every detail that I tell him nor do I think that he needs to. Sometimes you need is to say your thoughts out loud to get the ball rolling or to find a solution to a problem.


C+H: Do you listen to music or have another way of getting “in the zone” when you create?
NW: I definitely have to be in the zone to work on anything creative. Unfortunately there is no trick or switch that I can flip to put me there, so it is important that when I am in that creative mood that I make the most of it and focus on my ideas and my creativity. A big cup of tea and some music for sure helps me stay in my creative head space.
When owning a business where everything is handmade and relies on you being creative, it is important that you don’t cross that line of trying to force ideas or creations. On the days that I am not feeling super creative, I work on the  other aspects of running the business. You have to know yourself. A poet can not be poetic everyday.


C+H: Do you have a favourite author or book?
NW: OK so here is the truth. I own a LOT of books. I love shopping for them. Every time that I go to the book store I spend hours picking out my selections. Often this selection process is based on the design and the feel of the book, rarely the content. I like the idea of books and the idea of reading books but I can never seem to slow myself down enough to get into a good book, but it is something that I have always wanted to do.


C+H: When you’re not creating, what is your favourite way to spend your time?
NW: I love spending time with my family. We are huge movie buffs.  When I am not creating or working on my business you can usually find me curled up on the couch with a cup of tea and a pair of knitting needles watching the latest addition to our movie collection.


C+H: And finally, Where can we find you online, just in case we missed you somewhere?
NW: I actually have two online store and
::  ::  ::


If you made it this far, you’ve probably clicked over to NeededWanted and are already thinking about a little person in your life who would love a play map or a little house to decorate, or a monster to snuggle. We can help!


Megan has kindly offered a 10% discount to our readers – just enter code “canadianhandmade” when you place your first order on her site to claim your discount!


Thanks, Megan!


*All images courtesy of Megan at NeededWanted

Knittles: Warm Gear for the Young and Young at Heart

It is supposed to be relatively warm-ish in Ontario this week.   Everyone I know is pretty excited by the prospect of maybe seeing those temperatures climb into some positive digits, (so much so that my dear husband is already planning to dig the bbq out of the snow to have some steaks on Friday!).

Maybe it’s a bit of pessimism due to a long sleepless weekend with the toddler, but I can’t help reminding myself that we are not out of the wintery woods quite yet.  I expect that once this little warm spell passes, we will still have a few blasts of frigid arctic air to contend with before the *real* warm-up starts to happen.  So, instead of being sad, I have decided to celebrate our Canadian wintery-ness by sharing some sweet and pretty cold weather gear from Knittles.

Baby can look this adorable *and* have warm ears? Win-win!

Calgarians Mavis and Olga create these cozy and cute pieces, along with an occasional “guest designer” named Marcy.

Eeee! It's a Baby Beret!

What’s that you say? Adult sized ears have been known to get chilly as well?  Don’t worry, the Knittles crew have you covered (literally).

They call it a "wooly helmet"... it's like your personal armour against the icy air.

They also have a whole selection of neck warmers and scarves, some fingerless mittens, and even patterns for the crafty guy or gal who would rather DIY.

Visit Knittles at their Etsy shop, their icraft site, or follow along on Twitter.

Even if the weather is chilly outside, all Cupid needs is one of those precious little aviator hats!

Here’s hoping that your heart is warm with love on this Valentine’s Day.


2011 is sneaking up on us…

It’s that time of the year, my friends. The new year is almost here, and you need a new calendar. Yes, you do. And I’ve got a few lovelies to share today!

Hammypie’s shop at is full of a beautiful line of 2011 calendars! My favourite is the long and elegant script style shown below.

Script 2011 Calendar by Hammypie -

Script 2011 by Hammypie -

Harmony, the designer and creator behind these lovely calendars, lives in Vancouver and works her day job as a graphic designer. Feeling a lack of stylish calendars in the marketplace, Harmony filled that void with her colourful and locally printed options. The calendars are large – 16-3/8″ tall x 5″ across – and there are so many ways to display them! Hang them with the silver bulldog clip they come with, clip them to a ribbon and spread them across your wall, pin to a corkboard or frame them (they are that pretty!).

Obi Sash 2011 by Hammypie -

fortune cookied calendar by Hammypie -

Harmony is only half of Hammypie, though! Her partner Eunice chooses needle and wool to display her talents. According to the website, Eunice has Harmony to thank for opening her eyes to her love of knitting. Now, she’s making lovely cozy-looking cowls, with unique button detailing and 3 sizes to suit! There are Itty-bittys, In the Middle and  Big and Slouchy… head over to Hammypie to see Eunice’s work!

You can find the full line of 2011 calendars in their Cargoh shop, as well as on Etsy and their own website. Get ’em now, before January 1st creeps up on you and you don’t have a new calendar to keep track of all those parties and date nights :)


P.S. Hop over to the Etsy shop for a 25% off sale when you buy 3 calendars! Steal of a deal!

P.P.S. Vancouverites, Hammypie will be at Shiny Fuzzy Muddy this weekend. Drop by and say hello to Harmony and Eunice if you get a chance!

Heather’s Hugs

Say it isn’t so! We had to turn on the fireplace yesterday because it was (ugh) COLD in our house.

The only thing that can make the prospect of winter’s inevitable arrival a little more bearable? Cute winter-wear accessories… for BABIES! Heather is a crafter and mom to 3 little ones in New Brunswick who discovered knitting after her daughter was born. Good thing for us, because her mittens, slippers and hats are adorable!

Perfect for little baby hands with stubbornly curled fingers, her polka-dot mittens are lightly felted for a little extra cozy-factor!

Wool baby mittens by HandKnitHugs -

This baby acorn hat just made me grin when I saw it! How perfect for fall!

Baby Acorn Hat by HandKnitHugs -

These tiny little slippers would be a perfect Christmas stocking stuffer (I know, sorry to break the news, but the holidays aren’t that far away!).

Wool baby slippers by HandKnitHugs -
You can find Heather and her HandKnit Hugs on Etsy – she has plenty of colour combinations available and a couple of sizes to make sure that you can coordinate and fit to your little ones. Natural fibers are so lovely, and Heather makes them even lovelier!


Babies + Hats = CiteFuzz

Oh. My. Goodness.

Put a baby in a hat, and I turn to mush… so you can imagine the big grin on my face when I found CiteFuzz tonight! Lori, the driving force between CiteFuzz, creates these adorable hats in her “spare” time between raising her 4 children and supporting her musician husband in his endeavors.

She designs and creates all of her own patterns, so these are truly unique hats for your own one-of-akind little one! CiteFuzz offers a range of sizes from newborn to adult, although I think the wee baby ones are the most precious.

Really, you can’t help but smile when you see these! - Flap Hat

Most adorable Flap Hat!

CiteFuzz - Mini Monkey

Baby with monkey ears!!

CiteFuzz - Helmet Hat

A cutie, made even cuter with a helmet hat!

CiteFuzz can be found all over the internet with a shop on Etsy and, as well as homes on Facebook and Twitter. I’m off now to decide which one of these will fit my daughter next winter!