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Flipping out over Filomene

I admire people who get dressed up every day.  That whole “pulled together, with just the right accessories, make-up on and hair nicely done” look eludes me almost daily, so I truly am impressed by those who pull it off on a regular basis!  If I had unlimited time and wardrobe options, I would likely choose a simple but classic knee-length dress, some super cute peep-toe kitten heels, and just the right bold and eye-catching accessories to top it all off.  In reality though, I am usually happy if my outfit is clean, co-ordinated, and not terribly wrinkled.  When I can sneak in a pair of cute shoes I am on a roll!

When I spotted these fabulous pieces by Filomene, I immediately added them to my mental collection… (to go with all those perfect Audrey Hepburn dresses of course!).  Just check out this fun and bold bracelet, and you’ll see what I mean:


Pretty and versatile, you can pair it with casual wear or something a little dressier!

<image source>

Filomene is the work of Audrey, a graphic designer from Quebec.  Her inspirations include life, colour, buttons and even candy.


This “Sunny Dalhia” necklace feels organic, fun and lively.

<image source>

“Lemon Twist” is fresh and bright, the perfect accent to a little summer sundress:


The hollow circles remind me of lifesavers!

<image source>

Of course we can’t forget about earrings, and Filomene has some great ones, including these two very different but equally awesome pairs:


I like the green colour, and the teeny tiny buttons!

<image source>


Just like little picture frames for around your face!

<image source>

See more of Filomene over at the Etsy shop, you’ll be flipping out too!




A Travelling Round-Up

With my passport dusted off, and tickets in hand, I am off discovering foreign lands with my dear husband.  So naturally we have had travel on the brain for quite a few weeks, and I have stumbled upon some very cool handmade items that are perfect for any global adventurer!  So I thought I would share a few of them with you, while I am away soaking up some European sun…

I really love this travel journal from Prairie Peasant:

A perfect home for all your precious memories!

And LaPetiteBoheme’s “whole wide world” earrings are a lovely accent to finish off any outfit with some international flair:

I bet someone with some crafty skills could turn these into some fabulous cuff-links too! (father's day anyone?)

Nellyvansee from Montreal has this lovely globe pendant that lets you keep the whole world in your hand (or at least near your heart…)

it's a small world after all...

You can even bring lots of international appeal to your very own home sweet home.  A little touch like this fabulous aviator map pillow from Atelier688 could be just what you are looking for:

This one shows the Peking region... so neat!

And just in case you need something to help pass some time while you wait for a plane, train, or automobile… Check out this cute little travel tic-tac-toe game from MyHappyHobbies :

The fabric "board" is a pouch to hold the pieces, and you don't have to hunt for a paper and pen!

Whether you are having a “stay-cation” this summer, or crossing the globe on an epic adventure, we are all neigbours on this crazy spinning planet of ours… and now you can embrace your inner global citizen while supporting the Canadian handmade community.  I call that a definite win-win!



One Elf: Tiny Treats to Make You Smile

Whimsical, lighthearted, amusing… call it whatever you like, but you won’t be able to resist a smile!  Vancouver’s One Elf miniature wearable food are perfect for young-at-heart foodies with a flair for fun.    Carefully crafted from polymer clay, they look just like the real thing, only smaller!


What summer evening would be complete without delicious, delicious s'mores?

<image source>


Peanuuut, peanut butter... jelly!

image <source>

Fair warning:  It could be hazardous to your ears to wear those last ones near my peanut butter obsessed toddler!  And how perfect would these cheeseburgers be at a casual summer bbq?


Mmmmm…. don’t they look almost good enough to eat?

<image source>

Anyone who knows me, knows that I *love* cake… You never ever have to twist my arm when that delicious treat is involved!  So it will come as no surprise that these caught my eye:


complete with sprinkles on top... perfect!

<image source>

So whether your favorite is waffles,tacos, avocado, hot dogs, or ice cream sandwiches, there’s a little something for everyone… Stop by the One Elf Etsy shop and see what’s on the menu!



We’re just Playin’

Sometimes you don’t know that you were looking for something until you find it.  Such was the case for me when I stumbled upon Polymer Playin’.   These pieces of wearable art made out of polymer clay left me wondering how I have ever gone this long without one!

The colour, the pattern, the bold chunky-ness… I love it all!

<image source>

Oh My. How have I gotten this far in my life without owning this? How?

<image source>

A love of colour combined with the versatility of clay combine to produce these great works.  The somewhat mysterious artist behind Polymer Playin’ resides on the east coast, (Nova Scotia to be exact).

The swirl has drawn me in... I cannot look away

<image source>

There’s even some that are suitable for those whose tastes run a bit more to the rocker side of the spectrum.  Like this fantastic “flaming” guitar:

*throws the goat*

<image source>

See what else Polymer Playin’ has to offer by visiting the Etsy shop.  You might just find something you never knew you couldn’t live without…


Flame + Glass = Lovely Lampwork Beads!

I love it when something just catches your eye and captures your imagination.  When I saw these gorgeous lampwork beads from Flame on Glass, I immediately started dreaming up ways of incorporating them into my daily life.  I was drawn to the colours and shapes, and just couldn’t look away.

The silver foil detail adds an extra fun touch!

This one is feminine and sweet, it's like a mini garden!

I am picturing gorgeous beaded book markers, key chains, wine glass charms, and of course some bold, chunky, and utterly fabulous jewelry.  There are so many possibilities for creative projects that would be perfect to showcase these super-fun beads.

These ones feel a little "cosmic" to me. Far out!

You can wear your heart on your sleeve... or your wrist, or anywhere you like!

Flame on Glass is the brainchild of Linda James from Salt Spring Island, BC.  Her love for melting glass has been going strong for more than a decade, and I think it shows in her beautiful beads.  Check out her Etsy shop to see all the different colours and styles, you’ll be glad you did!


Getting Swept Away…

There is something so magical about the ocean.  How anything so huge and powerful can also be calming and soothing is a mystery to me.  Whenever I am near the sea I find it almost impossible to tear myself away.  I love that feeling of being a part of something so much bigger than yourself, and the beauty of nature as the water crashes into the shoreline.

It has been a few years since I have been able to sit ocean-side, and lately I am definitely feeling like I need to feel some salt water in my hair!  But, since that is not in the cards at the moment, I have been feasting my eyes on jewelry that has been touched by the sand and surf.  I especially love the light and lovely pieces by Victoria BC’s Swept From The Sea Designs.

sea glass + beach pottery pieces + freshwater pearls + sterling silver = one fabulous bangle!

The little turtle charm looks perfectly at home on the green glass, so cute!

Picture the warm glow when the summer sun hits these sweet earrings.

I love the soft, tumbled look of the sea glass.  It has an earthy feel that sets it apart from straight coloured glass (of which I am also a HUGE fan, as many of you know by now).

I love the deep blues in these pretty dangly earrings! Sea glass in those shades is apparently quite rare, that must be why I like it so much!

Would a little bit of sea glass be the perfect finishing touch to a crafty project you have in mind?  Swept From The Sea Designs has groups of glass pieces for sale in different colours, and even some sea glass buttons that could be just the ticket.

Indulge your inner mermaid with a visit to the Etsy shop, and don’t miss the Winter White sale section!  I am off to feast my eyes on a little piece of the west coast… Enjoy!


Everything’s Coming Up Roses…

The world outside my window is snow-covered and cold.  Yes, it’s January in Canada, so I am not exactly surprised or even too dismayed by this.  But that doesn’t stop me from dreaming of some place a little warmer, maybe even tropical.  It has been far too many years since my husband and I last sat ocean-side with drinks in hand and the warm sun beating down.  So I am looking for ways to infuse my snowbound daily life with some tropical colour and a fresh, summery, lively look.   I definitely think these accessories from Rosella Resin are just what the doctor ordered!

The colour is so summery, and the delicate feather is so light and wispy!

Jessica & Gwynne are sisters currently living in Ontario.  Rosella Resin was born when Jessica (a trained mold maker and resin caster) returned from living abroad in Australia.  A self-proclaimed feather collecting junkie, Jessica realized that resin is a perfect medium to contain and showcase some of natures most beautiful items!  Add Gwynne and her talent for design, and you have a winning combination.

Ooooh! The colour, the shells... it's like a little piece of the ocean even on the most snowy day!

The wheat fields may be covered right now, but their golden beauty is captured in this wheat bangle.

Rest assured that Jessica and Gwynne get all their feathers and shells from licensed vendors that are cruelty free.  No creature great or small is harmed to create these fantastically fresh pieces.

Because we are *Canadian* + Handmade after all!

You can find Rosella Resin on their website, or at their Etsy shop.

Daiquiri anyone?

Billy Would Chuck Wood

Lately Sarah and I have both been feeling the need for a little “me time”, some quiet space within our busy days that is just for us.   A peaceful moment filled with things that inspire us and make us happy.  Since lovely jewelry always makes me smile, I knew that I wanted to share some with you today.  Billy Would Designs are made with reclaimed hardwood, and feature smooth, elegant, organic shapes and designs.  The moment I saw Adea’s work, it was as though a wave of calm washed over me, and it was just what I needed during an otherwise hectic morning!

This serene tree within a circle is just perfect

Let go of what is weighing you down and soar with these graceful feather shaped earrings!

Of course we believe that men should accessorize too, and Billy Would has a whole selection of items made from used and broken skateboard decks that would be perfect for any gender!  I know that Sarah’s husband received a fantastic pair of cuff links for Christmas, and I am tempted to play follow the leader* and get a pair for my dear husband!   I also really love the belt buckles and the vintage feel… so cool.

The wear and scratches are a constant reminder to have fun and let loose, just like whoever used to ride this board.

You can find Billy Would products in her Cargoh store, or click here for a list of retail locations, maybe there’s one near you!  You also won’t want to miss her website to see an even bigger assortment of her beautiful work.  If you tweet, then follow along on Twitter, or join the party on Facebook!


*hey, I am the little sister, and while I heartily deny ever “copying” Sarah, I will admit that from time to time she has been known to get to a good idea first!  At which point it’s not so much copying as it is a vote of agreement. :-p

Pretty in Paisley

Eye catching. Bold. Fun. Bright. Really, really cool.   I could go on, but rather than break out the thesaurus to tease you further, why don’t I just get on with it and show you the awesomeness (thesaurus be darned) that is Pulp & Paisley.

So. Very. Fun! Youthful and bright without being childish...

The Pulp & Paisley shops (you can find them at Cargoh or on Etsy), are packed with really pretty and sweet jewelry for those who don’t mind standing out from the crowd… In a very good way!

A little bit preppy, a whole lot pretty. J'adore!

Make a statement without saying a word. This big, beautiful necklace is sure to catch the eye!

Cara (the talent behind Pulp & Paisley) calls Belleville, Ontario home.  A happy wife and mom of two, she loves music, the occasional frosty brew, and creating fabulous jewelry.

Ok, normally I really do not like orange (it's a long story, ask my mother about her orange kitchen) but these earrings are CUTE!

If you know someone who would love one of her pieces, but you aren’t sure exactly which one, you can get Pulp & Paisley gift certificates at the Etsy shop.   She can even email them to you if you need them quickly to top off a stocking or tuck under the tree!

Click over to the Cargoh store or Etsy shop to see more, then join in the fun on Facebook and Twitter.

I’m off to feast my eyes, and conveniently bookmark some favorites (*ahem, dear husband*)


Feelin’ Groovy

I just love it when you stumble across something totally great, and completely unexpected.  The other day I was in the middle of an online hunt for a particular item and found myself following an intriguing trail of links, not knowing where I was going to end up.  Before I knew it I had landed at Groovy Glass Girl’s Cargoh site, and I am so glad that I stopped by!  Featuring fused glass and stained glass work, paired with artistic metal and wire accents, these accessories are definitely worth a visit.

The peacock feather detail in this pendant is so neat!

I think this cosmic style pendant is out of this world!

A dramatic look, without being overly formal. Beautiful.

I really fell hard for this one:

I love the graceful sweep of the metalwork, and the green glass is lovely!

There are also plenty of earrings to choose from, like this cute pair in lime green and blue:

Plain old hoops?? no thanks! These are way more fun!

Groovy Glass Girl (aka: Poppy) creates her lovely pieces in her home studio in British Columbia.  She also has several spots that you can find her on line : all the better for those of us who aren’t “pacific adjacent”.  You can visit her Cargoh site, the Etsy shop, her blog,  or visit her on facebook.