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Wilk watches definitely work for me!

I am in love.

Handcrafted watch by Wilks Watchworks on - featured on

Stunning - sterling silver, yellow gold and a lovely resin enameled pattern.

I get an extra little thrill when I find a beautiful, handcrafted item that I have absolutely no idea how to make myself. Some things I can imagine the process, or have even tried myself over the years, but watchmaking is not one of them. The watch above, created by Wilk Watchworks, is so pretty – and handmade by Scott Wilk in Ontario.

Trained in Metalsmithing and Gemmology, Scott brings his talents together in making the lovely cases and dials for his watches. The resin enamel patterns on the dials add some flair and colour to the otherwise understated cases.

Handmade watch by Wilks Watchworks on - featured on

Love the dial pattern!

Handmade watch by Wilks Watchworks on - featured on

Solid, but the pattern is so light. Love the contrast!

And, oh oh oh! Look at this one! These are certainly unique pieces to save up for, but well worth it for the pride of ownership, I’d say.

Handcrafted watch by Wilk Watchworks on - featured on

Ladies watch with diamond bezel. Gorge.OUS.

You can see more of Scott Wilk’s work in his Cargoh shop, Etsy shop, on his own website and follow along on Twitter as well!




A “Touch” of Canadiana

We’ve still got moose on the brain here at our house – my girls are drawing pictures of the moose we saw while we were camping, they’re playing Mama and Baby Moose and so, forgive me, but I’m going to indulge the moose obsession a little more today!

The work of Anneke van Bommel (Touch the Dutch, on Etsy) is beautifully simple, with a sense of humour and nostalgia, especially in the Canadiana series, that spoke to me.

Anneke has been an Etsy Featured seller recently and shared a bit about the inspiration and themes behind her Canadiana series:

These works explore an “idea” of Canada, and allude to the souvenir. The desire to take a “piece” of a place home with us and to somehow authenticate a journey is a shared one. This common need allows us, to relate to one another across vast distances and to share our stories.

Moose Antler necklace by Touch the Dutch on Etsy featured on

The organic shape of the antlers is truly beautiful!

Stump brooch by Touch the Dutch on Etsy featured on

A wee little brooch - love the "rings" swirled in the cut!

The icons featured range from lumberjacks, narwhals, the east coast lobster, wolves and, of course, the ultimate in Canadian symbols: the beaver! I’ll leave you to click through and discover just what, exactly, the “Secret Order of the Beaver Legionnaires Trophy Brooch” might be (other than the best product name EVER!) and show off my favourite of the flat-tailed creatures:

Beaver brooch by Touch the Dutch on Etsy - featured on

Ah, the beaver. A perfectly adorable little nod to Canadian cliché!

I almost feel like I need to do a separate post for each category in her shop, but for now I’ll share a few of my favourites from the rest of her line and encourage you to visit her shop for yourself!

Pierced mint julep spoon by Touch the Dutch on Etsy - featured on

Thrifted spoons are repurposed into functional works of art! Such unexpected beauty!

porcelain stump ring by Touch the Dutch on Etsy - featured on

A little one-of-a-kind piece of art on your finger!

You can find Touch the Dutch on Etsy and in various galleries and shops. You can also follow along with her creative pursuits on her blog. Enjoy!



Light as a feather

Ah, feathers. I picked up some lovely little purple feather earrings recently, and I’ve been seeing feathers everywhere ever since.

Tianna Grey of Vancouver’s Tetrik has been making pretty accessories, many of them featuring feathers for years (and actually began crafting in high school making purses and other accessories for family and friends). After taking a little break, Tianna came back to Tetrik in 2008 and has been incorporating feathers and vintage bits and bobs ever since.

Tetrik Parrot Feather earring - on

Image from Tetrik on Etsy

The parrot earrings above, and the fab colour of the peacock feather earrings below are calling my name…

Peacock earrings by Tetrik -

Image by Tetrik on Etsy

… and this ostrich feather hair comb is so stunning!


Ostrich feather hair comb by Tetrik -

Image by Tetrik on Etsy

Tetrik offers a range of accessories including pendants, rings and headbands! You can find Tetrik on Etsy, as well as at Cargoh and Facebook.



Buttons and baubles

I admit it, I sport a ponytail more days than I’d like. If I had some of Melissa Abram’s fun hair accessories, I might feel a little happier about that fact!

BlueTree Hair accessory by Melissa Abrams -

A simple, organic print

{image source}

Brocade by Melissa Abrams -

A splash of pretty brocade on this headband

{image source}

Okay, here’s another confession – I cannot make bobby pins do what they’re supposed to do. They just don’t stay in my hair… but if I ever figure it out, I’d like to add these pretty kimono pins to my collection, please!

Kimono by Melissa Abrams on

Little black dress, red shoes and these in your hair? Gorgeous.

{image source}

Robots are, shall we say, “trending” these days and this handsome little dude is featured on one of Melissa’s necklaces and more retro robot styles on rings as well!

We heart robots by Melissa Abrams on


{image source}

Melissa hails from Quadra Island, BC and has a great line of semi-precious jewellery as well. Be sure to drop by her website, her Etsy shop or her Facebook page to see more of her designs including earrings, rings, bracelets and more hair accessories.



P.S. I found Melissa via the Artzi Stuff shop in Nanaimo, BC! If you’re in the area, definitely check it out – over 40 Canadian artists are featured!

Beat the blahs with buttons!

Beat those February blahs with these fun, brightly coloured accessories from Quebec’s Button Infatuation.

Kadinsky Daisies by Button Infatuation -

Spring in button form!

Love the monochromatic look of this white set, and the sweet flower in the middle is lovely!

Hazy Daisy by Button Infatuation -

Sweet and fun, with a vintage-looking twist

The creator behind these lovely pieces is Marylène, of Saguenay, Quebec. She obviously has a passion for buttons, and yellow! You can see some of her other favourites on her Tumblr account (also? Yellow!)

Whimsical Musical by Button Infatuation -

These bright colours are just so... fun!

I really like the asymmetrical styling of these necklaces, and the little birdie on this “Pinkish Pistachio” necklace is a nice touch.

Pinkish Pistachio by Button Infatuation -

Perfect hit of colour with a t-shirt and jeans. Simple, but fun and unique!

You can check out Marylène’s shop here, visit her Tumblr blog or find and follow on Facebook!

Happy Thursday!

P.S. Spring is only 33 days away. Yes, I’m counting now.

Valentine’s Day treats: Part 2

I can’t help it, I’m kind of wrapped up in Valentine’s Day fever this year… and it doesn’t help that I’m finding so many fantastic handmade hearts from shops that we already know and love!

Our friends at Cloud + Lolly (featured here), have the cutest little “Key to my Heart” brooch, available in their Cargoh shop.

Key to my Heart brooch by Cloud+Lolly -

You've got the key to my heart...

Little Lion Studio (featured here) has created this lovely little print, made from thousands of variously sized circles… and personalized, if you’d like!

Heart Art Print by Little Lion Studio -

Beautiful, simple expression of love!

Billy Would’s jewellery is incredible (featured here), and these earrings are a bold but lightweight addition to your Valentine’s Day dinner outfit.

I Heart You by Billy Would -

Make a statement with these gorgeous earrings!

Also, if you’re looking to get a little crafty yourself this holiday – check out this pretty little heart garland tutorial over at the fabulous Oh my! Handmade Goodness. Love it!


Feature Artists: Cloud + Lolly

I’ve been seeing Cloud+Lolly at Edmonton area craft events for a while now, and I always stop to check out their colourful jewellery. Cloud + Lolly is the sister team (I know! We keep finding sister teams! I love it!) of Cheryl and Laurie, and their jewellery is simple, colourful and just really lovely! They describe themselves on their website as:

Once upon a time, there were two very different sisters;
one with her head in the clouds; the other with her feet planted
firmly on the ground. From this diverse pairing, Cloud+Lolly was born.
Together, we create inspired and innovative handmade accessories.

A few of my favourites, currently available in their shop at

Rings by Cloud + Lolly -

Bird + Tree pendant by Cloud + Lolly -

Art Circle pendant by Cloud + Lolly -

Cloud + Lolly also sells really adorable little scrabble tile pendants, with great patterned papers on the opposite side, but they’re only available if you have the good fortune to see Cheryl and Laurie at a show. They’ll be at Make It! Edmonton this coming weekend (enter to win tickets here!), so if you’re in Alberta’s Capital Region, this would be a great chance to drop in and say hi. Tell them C+H sent you :)

We wanted to learn a little more about Cloud + Lolly, so we asked them of they would agree to subject themselves to our little interview ;) Laurie is a very busy mom of 3, with all of her “spare” time taken up prepping for their upcoming shows, but Cheryl was gracious enough to answer our questions. Here’s a little taste of Cloud + Lolly… thanks for playing along with us, Cheryl!

::  ::  ::

What started the creative fire burning for you? Do you remember a particular moment, a favourite childhood activity, something you saw and wanted to recreate or improve upon?

Cheryl: I’ve been drawing and crafting in general for as long as I can remember. My mom insisted I keep a ‘memory box’ and I’ve filled it over the years with all sorts of things. I was looking in it the other day, and found art projects & drawings from when I was 3 & 4 years old.
 It was in my blood, definitely!

What is the best (and worst, if you’d like to share!) part about working with your sister?

Cheryl: The best part is getting to see her often (as well as my niece & nephews) we went our separate ways in our teens & twenties. I lived overseas & moved around lots.
It’s definitely been a bonding experience. The worst part is we don’t always see eye-to-eye. We try to make the most of it, and make it work to our advantage.

Where do you look for inspiration?

Cheryl: I look at design websites, books & blogs (from interior design, architecture, fashion, print design, crafty etc.) basically anything new, ground-breaking or that has the wow-factor.

What part of creating your pieces gives you the most joy and satisfaction?

Cheryl: I’d have to say the finished product. For all of our designs, they start out as a sketch on paper. They evolve over the months, and it’s incredibly rewarding to see the finished piece after a very windy road getting there.

What is it about your creations that sets you apart?

Cheryl: I think presentation and the spin we put on simple ideas make our designs unique. I’m always trying different things and thinking outside the box.

Rabbit brooch by Cloud + Lolly -

Why do you choose to work in this medium or format?

Cheryl: I’d been crafting & selling my goodies on Etsy since 2005, and the stuff I’ve made is always evolving. I’m happy doing jewellery because we always aim to make something that’s not super mainstream. I’m all about making stuff that’s visually pleasing. So be it housewares, textile design or handbags, that definitely could be in our future!

How long does it take to create one of your pieces?

Cheryl: If we factor in the time it takes to source images (patterns, paper etc.) arranging them in Photoshop or Illustrator, printing them, cutting the shapes out, glueing, drying time, resin pouring, more drying time, packaging & all that…I’d say a total of 15-20 minutes or so.

Do you feel that living in Canada has influenced your work?

Cheryl: Not so much Canada, but growing up on a farm definitely has. Being surrounded by nature, we pull everyday items into many of our pieces. Trees, flowers, leaves, different seasons, woodland animals etc.

What advice would you give someone who is just starting out? Who has provided you with inspiration or mentorship on your journey?

Cheryl: It’s been said before, and I’ll say it too: Do what you love, and never give up. Also, don’t be afraid of change. I’ve found many mentors along the way; family, friends, bloggers.
are always willing to help or give feedback.

Do you listen to music or have another way of getting “in the zone” when you create?

Cheryl: Definitely. During the height of the day is usually house music and downtempo in the evenings.

Do you have a favourite author or book?

Cheryl: My favourite author has always been Stephen King. I feel his imagination out does mine sometimes and it’s intriguing to read any new books by him, one can be so different from the other.

When you’re not creating, what is your favourite way to spend your time?

Cheryl: I love hanging out with my niece & nephews and getting into childish ways (building train tracks or racing cars) but really, I’m creating all the time. I’m a freelance graphic designer as well, so when I’m not making C+L stuff, I’m on the computer designing SOMETHING. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

And finally,
Where can we find you online, just in case we missed you somewhere? (webpage, Twitter, Facebook, Etsy, Cargoh, Artfire, DaWanda etc)

Cheryl: We’re focusing our energy on our own website and have moved away from EtsyCorp. and we’re trying out Cargoh too.

Circle Pattern by Cloud + Lolly -

::  ::  ::

You can find Cheryl and Laurie’s creations on their own website, at Cargoh and follow along with them on Facebook and Twitter as well!


Ah, sweet nostalgia

For those of you playing along with our Handmade Holiday challenge, I suspect I’m not the only one facing a hurdle when it comes to the husband. Sports-loving, tools and gadget guy who wears a lot of plaid work shirts BUT he likes shoes more than the average guy and covets a great designer sports jacket. Contradictions.

I suspect that this shop can help. If your guy-of-choice is a fan of Han Solo (and who isn’t?!) or a poker player or aspires to be a stunt pilot, Jennifer at Nostalgic Links can hook you up! Working out of Vancouver, she has an extensive collection of fun and funky cufflinks and accessories.

Han Solo Cufflinks by Nostalgic Links -

Star Wars!

Ace of Clubs cufflinks by Nostalgic Links -

Ace in the pocket

If you have a Lego man in your life, Jennifer has an entire section in her Etsy shop devoted to Lego cufflinks. No, really!

Lego Pilot cufflinks by Nostalgic Links -

Pilot Lego minifigs

Lego Blue translucent by Nostalgic Links -

Add a little touch of blue!

She uses both new and vintage pieces, and is open to custom requests. There really is something in Jennifer’s shop for all the guys on your list – from snowboarder to George Washington afficionado, golfer or lifelong fan of The Boss. She even has a couple of things for the ladies and I love these letterpress necklaces, which would be fun to have in your initials or a child’s name!

Vintage Letterpress Necklace by Nostalgic Links -

You can find Jennifer on Etsy and Cargoh, and follow along with her on Twitter and Facebook.

Fractured beauty

Sometimes, you find beauty when you least expect it. Looking for inspiration, I did a quick search tonight for something blue on… and look what I found!

This gorgeous mosaic ring is made of blue stained glass, and is just one of the many colourful pieces in Aimee Mitchell’s shop.

Stained Glass ring by Fractured -

I also really love the Creamsicle ring, where she used recycled glass placed vertically in the ring base – the texture and colour is fantastic!

Stained glass ring by Fractured -

Aimee lives in Vancouver with her husband and her little Jack Russell (who’s name is Mini – love it!). She has a couple of shops online featuring her jewellery and accessories, but she also has stained glass art pieces that are really gorgeous. I’m a sucker for funky accessories that add a bit of interest to a boring “jeans and t-shirt” day running around with the kids… which is why I think my favourite piece of hers is this stunning belt buckle:

Mosaic belt buckle by Fractured -

You can find more examples of Aimee’s work in her Cargoh shop, in her jewellery Etsy shop or her art shop.


Steampunk confession

Okay, folks. Here’s where I let the secret out of the bag and let you all know that I am not cool. At least, not cool enough to know what “steampunk” was until I Googled it just now after finding this ring from Alberta’s A Second Time that was described as a “steampunk ring”. I’ve been seeing steampunk all over lately, so it was time to investigate.

Steampunk Ring by A Second Time -

Vintage watch face and gears

Wikipedia tells me that steampunk is:

a sub-genre of science fiction, alternate history, and speculative fiction that came into prominence during the 1980s and early 1990s. Specifically, steampunk involves an era or world where steam power is still widely used—usually the 19th century and often Victorian era Britain—that incorporates prominent elements of either science fiction or fantasy. Works of steampunk often feature anachronistic technology or futuristic innovations as Victorians may have envisioned them; in other words, based on a Victorian perspective on fashion, culture, architectural style, art, etc. This technology may include such fictional machines as those found in the works of H. G. Wells and Jules Verne or real technologies like the computer but developed earlier in an alternate history.

Once I was up to speed – thanks for indulging me if you already knew all that! – the rest of A Second Time’s shop intrigued me, too. The creator (who chooses to remain mysteriously cloaked on their Etsy profile page!) uses non-functional vintage watch parts for their pieces, and they all have that wonderful Victorian-era look but with an updated twist. I especially love the pendants, like this one below:

Steampunk necklace by A Second Time -

Vintage watch bezel and filigree

Steampunk necklace by A Second Time -

Vintage watch movement on antiqued gold toned floral and vine patterned filigree

Steampunk bracelet by A Second Time -

Turquoise cluster charm bracelet

You can find many more pieces in A Second Time’s shops on Etsy and Cosa Verde, and follow along on the blog, Facebook and Twitter!