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Something Sweet about Summer Time

For both of us here at C+H, time is of the essence.  As in, we just plain don’t have enough of it!   A few extra hours in the day would be worth their weight in gold (metaphorically of course).  I know we are not alone, as so many of you are struggling with the same challenges.  There is just so much that we want to do, especially now that it is finally, officially, SUMMER!  So, in honour of this fresh new season, and the jam-packed 24 hours that we are each get to share every day, may I present these fabulous clocks from Sunshine in the Summer.

Natural, peaceful, and easy on the eyes!

<image source>

I love the earthy, sun-soaked feel of driftwood.  It brings a little touch of summer any time of the year, and that really matters when we are suffering through those frigid days of February!

It would be pretty hard to be stressed out when looking at *this* clock, no matter what time it shows!

<image source>

Sunshine in the Summer Time is the creation of British Columbia’s Brandy Nohr.  Despite a fear of the water, her career (and her heart) have always kept her near the ocean.  Her love of all things nautical shows through in her work, and especially for those of us who are a bit land-locked, it is a breath of fresh salt air!

While I was admiring Brandy’s clocks, I also couldn’t help but notice these lovely little votive holders.  Perfect to nestle among your seaside treasures in the summer, or tuck among some holly and evergreens at Christmas-time!

Maybe you can’t have a bonfire on the beach, but maybe this can bring a little of that magic to your home!

<image source>

No matter how busy and hectic your days may be, here’s hoping that you can find a peaceful moment or two to refresh your mind.  Maybe we can’t get any extra hours in our days, but we can celebrate the moments that we do have, and embrace a new season as well!

Sun-soaked and loving it,

Moose sightings

My family and I spent last week in the foothills of the Rockies, and woke up Tuesday morning to see a Mama moose and her twin 1-week old babies playing and snacking near our campsite. We watched them for close to an hour before a park ranger drove by and they wandered off down the road.

Baby moose -

The babies!

Our girls have been talking about moose ever since, so we went looking yesterday for Etsy’s version of moose, and found Toronto’s Sparrow Avenue. Barbara di Lella works her magic drawing, painting and silk screening her artwork onto linens fashioned in to pillows, bags, wallets, aprons and more.

Vintage Moose Pillow by Sparrow Avenue on

Perfect for a cabin, or any place where the outdoors can be brought inside!

I also love this little tea towel – “Dogs have owners. Cats have staff”. As a family with 2 cats and a dog, I’m fairly qualified to say this is an accurate statement!

Vintage Style Dog Tea Towel by Sparrow Avenue on

Ah, sweet puppy

Barbara also has an interesting blog where she features more of her work and the projects she’s tackling! I really love seeing the process from idea to finished product, and the challenges along the way.

You can find her work on Etsy at Sparrow Avenue and on the blog.


P.S. One more moose:

Moose Pouch by Sparrow Avenue on

A sweet little moose pouch!


A Travelling Round-Up

With my passport dusted off, and tickets in hand, I am off discovering foreign lands with my dear husband.  So naturally we have had travel on the brain for quite a few weeks, and I have stumbled upon some very cool handmade items that are perfect for any global adventurer!  So I thought I would share a few of them with you, while I am away soaking up some European sun…

I really love this travel journal from Prairie Peasant:

A perfect home for all your precious memories!

And LaPetiteBoheme’s “whole wide world” earrings are a lovely accent to finish off any outfit with some international flair:

I bet someone with some crafty skills could turn these into some fabulous cuff-links too! (father's day anyone?)

Nellyvansee from Montreal has this lovely globe pendant that lets you keep the whole world in your hand (or at least near your heart…)

it's a small world after all...

You can even bring lots of international appeal to your very own home sweet home.  A little touch like this fabulous aviator map pillow from Atelier688 could be just what you are looking for:

This one shows the Peking region... so neat!

And just in case you need something to help pass some time while you wait for a plane, train, or automobile… Check out this cute little travel tic-tac-toe game from MyHappyHobbies :

The fabric "board" is a pouch to hold the pieces, and you don't have to hunt for a paper and pen!

Whether you are having a “stay-cation” this summer, or crossing the globe on an epic adventure, we are all neigbours on this crazy spinning planet of ours… and now you can embrace your inner global citizen while supporting the Canadian handmade community.  I call that a definite win-win!



A Fresh Look from Urban Walls

Sometimes you need to put a fresh look on a space without spending a lot of time or money, and without all the mess and stress of a renovation project.  For a quick and easy makeover in any room, a few stylish decals can add an interesting and unique flair, giving your space a new lease on life.

Whether you want to add a sense of humour, some dramatic design, or words of inspiration, the possibilities are endless!  Vancouver’s Urban Walls have some fantastic options, and you can customize almost any decal to suit your own vision.


So true... so very true...

<image source>


This captures the freedom and joy of a childhood summer day so perfectly!

<image source>

The decals can come in a  wide variety of colours to suit your room, so you can be sure to get just the right look.  Or you can use multiple colours, like this gorgeous tree:


I have a sudden urge to re-design my daughter’s nursery!

<image source>

I know several friends who are moving to new homes very soon, and I think a stylish and easy-to-use decal would be a wonderful housewarming gift.  Because really, who has money left to decorate when you have just spent your life savings on your new home?!  Even if you aren’t changing your geographical space any time soon, springtime still calls for a bit of updating and a fresh new look.  If you are feeling inspired, stop by the Urban Walls Etsy shop and see all the great options!

Cheers to quick, easy, and fabulous design!


Find your muse

Now that spring has arrived, if you’re anything like me, you might be looking for something… something to add a little boost of colour or a bit of change in your environment.

Well, voilà! mazizmuse|home can help! These handcrafted modern-chic pillows are a fantastic (and affordable!) way to change things up for the season. This silk appliqued tulip pillow is so vibrant and would bring a shot of warmth into any space!

Tulips always mean the arrival of spring for me!

{image source}

So graphic and lovely!

{image source}

I also really love these outdoor pillows! No April showers could keep me down if these were around…

This stripe takes me right to the beach. Summer!

{image source}

Mazizmuse is the creation of Laura Mazzerolle in Vancouver. With training in fashion design, textiles and more, she moved into interior design and is treating us to some bold home accents. For example, the graphic screenprinted black design below can be trimmed in any of 9 colours. Bam! Colour.

Aboriginal-inspired design is trimmed with vibrant colours

{image source}

To find out more about Laura’s work, you can find mazizmuse|home at these fine internet locations: Etsy shop mazizmuse|home, Facebook, Twitter and her blog!


McBride House: Home to Adorable Fluffy Friends

Everyone loves a cute furry little critter.  The little round bellies, the soft ears, their sweet little noses… But not everyone really wants them all living in their house.  I think chipmunks are adorable, and have a well-known affection for little monkeys, but that in no way means I want one in my living room!  (Good Lord, I would need a live-in maid and a lot of Prozac!).  But don’t worry, you can indulge your love of  precious furry faces without having to turn your home into a small zoo.

In a small town in New Brunswick you can find McBride House, home to some of the most lovable critter-types you could ever hope to see.  Bella is a talented (and patient) needle felting artist, and she loves to create these fantastic fluffy friends:


oooh, the perfect finishing touch for an Easter basket!

<image source>


Introducing: Cornelius Montgomery Maximilian McBride... He *looooves* acorns. Good thing he comes with his own stash!

<image source>

With Easter fast approaching, Bella has reduced the price of all her bunny and chick sculptures by 10%… all the more reason to bring one home for the holiday!


"Little Yellow" is a bit shy, but she really likes *chick* flicks... :-)

<image source>


Wise old Owl would love to come and hang out on your bookshelf!

<image source>


McBride House
HA! “Grumpy Birds”!

<image source>

If you want to bring one of these sweet creations home to live with you, stop by the McBride House Etsy shop.  You can also learn more about Bella and see new works on her blog, or drop by for a visit on Facebook.


P.S. I know that it is just barely spring, and Christmas is a loooong way off, but if you are a “shop-ahead” kind of person, you won’t want to miss Bella’s felted Santa sculptures, they are lovely!

Stuffies with a Story

As the parent of a toddler, it sometimes feels like I am living in the eye of a hurricane.  My girl is one pudgy-cheeked ball of motion, noise, and sometimes utter chaos.   So when bedtime arrives and she is feeling snuggly and quiet, my husband and I really soak up those moments!  Of course when a kiddo feels like cuddling there is nothing better than a special squishy friend, and these adorable buddies from Stephanimals are so cool that every kid is bound to love them.

Each one is handcrafted to be “Unique Like Nature”, and they even come with a soft story book that helps kids learn about the animal and their habitat!   The quiet moments are a great opportunity to talk with kids about things that are important to your family, and Stephanimals share stories of conservation and knowledge about the world’s critters.


This sweet duck would make a great Easter gift, don't you think?

<image source>


At the moment, my girl makes a "Roar" sound for almost every animal... perhaps she is trying to tell us she wants a lion?

<image source>

But wait!  It gets even better!  Stephanimals donates $2 from every single sale to charity, (in 2011 all funds raised will go to Nature Canada)  Awesome, right?  They don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk… and you can too!


Counting sheep never looked cuter!

<image source>

There are lots of different fabric choices for each animal, make sure you visit the Stephanimals site to see them all.   There’s also links to lots of eco-friendly groups and products, a fun page full of activity ideas, and an animal info section where curious minds can go to learn and explore!

~Remembering my special childhood bedtime buddy.  Her name was Ellie… she was an elephant.  Yes I know, the creative juices run deep in me, can’t you tell?
:-)  Jennifer


Just Coasting Along

We use so many little things in our daily lives without even thinking about them.  But how much fun is it when something useful can be beautiful and even have some special meaning to you?  That’s why I love these coasters from Jonathon Wayne Design.  They have an old-school vintage feel, with plenty of opportunity to customize a set that really speaks to your personality.   You could capture the soundtrack to a special time in your life, or have a daily reminder of that incredible road trip with your best friend as you sip your morning coffee.

Available with Broadway favorites, Christmas carols, timeless Opera... or whatever music sings to your heart...

<image source>

There's just something about a map that makes me want to grab my keys and hit the road!

<image source>

Encyclopedia and Dictionary themed coasters could protect your tables while you are doing the Sunday crossword, reading a favorite novel, or engaging in a spirited game of Scrabble… (on that note, how DOES my husband get 62 points from the word “spell”… How??!!?)

Word nerds unite!

<image source>

John is a full-time student, activist, and artist, based in Winnipeg.   His coasters have a cork backing, and he is always open to custom orders and special requests.  Check out his Etsy shop for more details (and the scoop on whether or not he was really named after *that* John Wayne…)

Here’s hoping we can all infuse a little bit of individual flair into our daily lives!


A rose by any other name…

I am so, so, SO ready for spring and Alberta is still buried under snowbanks that are almost as tall as me (and I’m 6’0 tall, folks!).

This pillow, designed and printed by Jenna Rose in her Hamilton studio, brought a little of that summer-y warm feeling into my heart today.


Jenna Rose - Treehouse pillow -

I want to climb up into the branches and hang out with my favourite book!

{image source}


Orange and grey bike pillows by Jenna Rose -

Such a fun print - love the orange!

{image source}

Originally from Guelph, Ontario (my hometown! Cheers to Guelph!), Jenna now works out of her studio space in Hamilton’s James North area. From her website:

Jenna illustrates each design by hand, drawing inspiration from daily life. Each piece is screen-printed in house using non-toxic water-based pigments and natural and organic materials.


Woodland hat by Jenna Rose -

I adore a cute hat, and this one is adorable!

{image source}


Animals Market Tote by Jenna Rose -

A really perfect market tote!

{image source}

The tote above was recently spotted in the fabulous new online design, travel and food magazine Dabble. A highly recommended new read that I’ve definitely enjoyed browsing.

Jenna will be at the Toronto One of a Kind show this spring so be sure to stop in and say Hi if you’re headed there later this month. You can find more of her work on Etsy as well as follow along on her photography-filled blog and her website.




Traditional Easter Beauty

It may feel that April Showers and May Flowers are still light years away, but the truth is that Easter (and all it’s Spring-y goodness) will be here in just a few short weeks.  So I can’t hold out any longer, I just have to tell you about So Jeo and her stunning Pysanky.  I discovered her gorgeous traditional Ukrainian Easter eggs last summer, and wanted to share them with you at just the right time.  Folks, that time is now…  Feast your eyes on the fabulous colours and intricate patterns, all designed and created by hand using traditional techniques.

The rich colours are so gorgeous, I have such a weakness for purple!

The images are built up by using alternating layers of carefully applied hot beeswax and dipping the egg in various shades of dyes.  Then the wax is melted away, leaving only the lovely designs to be admired and treasured for generations.

The skill and artistry involved is just incredible!

So Jeo even works with teeny tiny delicate finch eggs to create lovely Pysanky jewelry pieces as well.  Once they are sealed and covered with a clear polymer finish, they are durable and strong enough to wear without fear of damaging them.

These would be conversation starters at any springtime or Easter gathering, that's for sure!

So Jeo is a self-taught Pysanky artist, who imagines the egg as her canvas, and is inspired by the natural elements around her Nova Scotia home.  She even welcomes commissions, so if you have a vision for something you would like to see, she will do her best to make it a reality.  You can see what she has to offer on her Etsy shop, or visit her website for a stunning gallery and to learn more about the traditional art of Pysanky.   You can also join her on Facebook or Twitter.

How Egg-ceptional!  (ouch… sorry!)