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Knittles: Warm Gear for the Young and Young at Heart

It is supposed to be relatively warm-ish in Ontario this week.   Everyone I know is pretty excited by the prospect of maybe seeing those temperatures climb into some positive digits, (so much so that my dear husband is already planning to dig the bbq out of the snow to have some steaks on Friday!).

Maybe it’s a bit of pessimism due to a long sleepless weekend with the toddler, but I can’t help reminding myself that we are not out of the wintery woods quite yet.  I expect that once this little warm spell passes, we will still have a few blasts of frigid arctic air to contend with before the *real* warm-up starts to happen.  So, instead of being sad, I have decided to celebrate our Canadian wintery-ness by sharing some sweet and pretty cold weather gear from Knittles.

Baby can look this adorable *and* have warm ears? Win-win!

Calgarians Mavis and Olga create these cozy and cute pieces, along with an occasional “guest designer” named Marcy.

Eeee! It's a Baby Beret!

What’s that you say? Adult sized ears have been known to get chilly as well?  Don’t worry, the Knittles crew have you covered (literally).

They call it a "wooly helmet"... it's like your personal armour against the icy air.

They also have a whole selection of neck warmers and scarves, some fingerless mittens, and even patterns for the crafty guy or gal who would rather DIY.

Visit Knittles at their Etsy shop, their icraft site, or follow along on Twitter.

Even if the weather is chilly outside, all Cupid needs is one of those precious little aviator hats!

Here’s hoping that your heart is warm with love on this Valentine’s Day.


A spoonful of Sugar is good for the Soul

I met Christine from Sugar Soul Studio last year and have made it a personal goal to buy one of her hats this year. No, really, they are that cute!

Lots of people make the “Oh, I’m not a hat person” claim, but I personally think everyone can be a hat person, they just aren’t used to seeing themselves wearing the RIGHT hat. Maybe a fab Sugar Soul cloche is your style – like this one:

Denim Flip by Sugar Soul Studio -

This is a summer-weight hat (I'm wishful thinking, here in snowbound Alberta!)

Or, the inspired Cadet –  a little touch of femininity goes a long way! There are sparkle accents on that bow, friends!

Cadet by Sugar Soul Studio -

Such a cute look for a wintery day!

Red Wool Beanie by Sugar Soul Studio -

Love the bright colour, and the upcycled sweater-turned-toque!

With the change to a new year, Christine decided to challenge herself to work on a 365 Hat Project. She’ll be making and posting a new hat to her blog (and to her Etsy shop) each day. She’s on day 11, and it’s been fun seeing new fabrics and styles pop up every day. You can check out her blog here.

My favourite from the 365 series so far was Day 6’s beige and blue plaid. It sold at a local market this past weekend, I’m told, so I’m just going to have to keep watching for my next favourite!

Beige + Blue cloche by Sugar Soul Studio -

The one that got away...

You can see all of Christine’s offerings on her Etsy shop (she also sells bags and hair accessories), drop by her blog or follow her on Twitter and Facebook! If you live in the Edmonton area, she’s a fixture on the local craft show and market scene – even heading to Calgary and Vancouver once in a while – and has a great selection of styles and one-of-a-kind offerings! Come join me on the “hat person” team!


Go get Pook’d

No, I don’t mean poked on Facebook or even Punk’d by Ashton Kutcher… I’m talking about Pook Toques.What could be more Canadian than a toque, right? Add in a great sense of humour, some classic styles like the “moose”, the “turtleneck” and the “mullet” and we’ve got ourselves a winner! You’re probably confused right now. That’s okay, so was I.

At the OOAK show in Vancouver, my friends and I almost walked right past a rather empty-looking booth with a table of grey and red sock hats on it. Until the pitch started and we were hooked… Pook Toques are all about the variety, my friends. Made out of traditional grey wool socks, and lined with a cozy fleece, the hats are designed to offer a multitude of styling options. Roll up the “ears” or tuck them into the folded toque or flip it inside out and pull the toes over your ears… the Pook Toque manual offers over 30 ways of wearing this one ingenious little hat.

Pook Toque -

The original Pook Toque

Not convinced it’s possible to wear that hat 30+ different ways? Check out the manual. Go ahead, I’ll wait until you get back…

… See? Now, imagine you’re at a craft show and a guy stops you in the aisle and performs all of those varieties at top speed with full narration and explanations. It was, frankly, hilarious. My friend Shannon bought 4 hats.

Pook Toques is the creation of Tony Pook and Kevin McCotter from St. Mary’s, Ontario – it all started with a few (*ahem*) beverages, but has turned into a bit of a phenomenon to say the least. They’ve even pitched their business on Dragon’s Den! Since the initial hat design, they’ve also added Pook Dukes (mittens), the Pook Loop (a scarf), the Pookie Toquie (for the stylin’ little person in your life), Pook Boots (fleece lined socks – they sound so cozy!!) and, of course, a Pook Monkey.

Pink Dukes by Pook Toque -

Toques and Dukes come in pink for the ladies (or dudes who like pink!)

Pookie Toquie by Pook Toque -

Cutie Pa-toquie!

For the hockey fan in your life, there’s also the Hockey Sockey, which is nothing if not arena-approved. The Hockey Sockey comes in a variety of team colours (13 NHL teams to choose from, plus Team Canada) and is made out of actual hockey socks.

Montreal Hockey Sockey by Pook Toque -

Go Habs!

And here’s the Pook Toque in action:

You can shop online at or find them on Facebook as well!

P.S. for anyone suffering from a case of Bieber Fever, you might want to view this particular video.

Safety First, just don’t forget the fun!

Keeping our kids safe is definitely a full time job.  We baby-proof, we supervise, and we continually drill safety lessons.  Amidst all that, we hope that our kids get to have fun, be free, and be… well… kids!  Yes, protecting our children to the best of our abilities is incredibly important, but who says it has to be boring?  Not us!  and definitely not the fine folks over at Tail Wags.  They have found a way to make protecting our little one’s noggins an entertaining and creative experience.

Their adorable line of helmet covers encourages kids to wear their helmets by letting them express themselves during their active play.  In the summer they can be used while riding bikes, skateboarding, rollerblading, or horseback riding.  In the winter helmets are a great idea for those little skiers, snowboarders, or for extreme sledders.  Just ask my brother Philip about our game with our G.T. Snowracers – we called it “Ambulance”, and to this day I am shocked that we never needed one to pick up any pieces!

This is one of the newest designs, and I think it's so cute!

Having a unique cover on your child’s helmet can also help you pick them out of a crowd.  Trying to ski down a hill while keeping an eye on your completely fearless, snowsuit-clad torpedo among all the other little fearless, snowsuit-clad torpedoes?  No problem, just look for the one whose helmet looks like a bumble bee!

Increase your visibility, and spread a few smiles along the way.

This little penguin is too sweet for words

Helmet covers are available in two sizes (Adult and Child), and fit all models of approved helmets.  You can find them on the Tail Wags website, follow along on twitter, or be a facebook friend (and get a 10% discount!).  I even hear rumours that they will be attending the upcoming One Of A Kind show in Toronto, so if you are in the area you can pick one up in person.

Here’s to keeping our loved ones safe all year through, and having some fun at the same time!

Heather’s Hugs

Say it isn’t so! We had to turn on the fireplace yesterday because it was (ugh) COLD in our house.

The only thing that can make the prospect of winter’s inevitable arrival a little more bearable? Cute winter-wear accessories… for BABIES! Heather is a crafter and mom to 3 little ones in New Brunswick who discovered knitting after her daughter was born. Good thing for us, because her mittens, slippers and hats are adorable!

Perfect for little baby hands with stubbornly curled fingers, her polka-dot mittens are lightly felted for a little extra cozy-factor!

Wool baby mittens by HandKnitHugs -

This baby acorn hat just made me grin when I saw it! How perfect for fall!

Baby Acorn Hat by HandKnitHugs -

These tiny little slippers would be a perfect Christmas stocking stuffer (I know, sorry to break the news, but the holidays aren’t that far away!).

Wool baby slippers by HandKnitHugs -
You can find Heather and her HandKnit Hugs on Etsy – she has plenty of colour combinations available and a couple of sizes to make sure that you can coordinate and fit to your little ones. Natural fibers are so lovely, and Heather makes them even lovelier!


Going Green with SparkyJones

I have weird hair. It’s true – it’s kind of curly, but not really. Often, my solution is a really cute hat. Which is why I quickly bookmarked this shop!

Sparky Jones is more than just cute hats, though. The force (and I mean force!) behind the shop is Jemima (aka JJ), and she’s got some pretty solid ideas about what she wants from her life and her business. Her philosophy is

Reuse resources + Recycled what you have + Reduce Impact + Refuse to be disposable

Kepp Jones Hat by Sparky Jones -
All the Sparky Jones products are made using upcycled fabrics, the hangtags are printed on recycled cardstock by a local Vancouver printer and every little scrap is turned into something new and wonderful. On her Etsy site, JJ shares that she only has one small bag of waste from her workshop each month. Fantastic! You can read more about her environmentally conscious practices here, including the name of her green bicycle that she rides to the post office!

I really love the different textures and colours that are featured in the Sparky Jones collection – bright, beautiful and unique pieces. I definitely love the cute hats, but the bags are a conversation starter. Check out the Mama Jones diaper bag below – no other Mom in your playgroup is going to have a bag quite this cool!

Mama Jones by Sparky Jones -
I’m also loving her Waste Wonderful pocket wallets, using up the scraps from her days creations she ends up with a lovely little card wallet. The larger Bujetta Jones wallet is chock full of features, with zippered pockets and card slots to keep us all organized.

Bujetta Jones Wallet by Sparky Jones -

You can find the BC-based Sparky Jones on Etsy, but also over at Cosa Verde (a new marketplace for me, I must admit!) where the shops all have a focus on handmade + environmentally friendly products, on her personal site at, or on her blog. If you visit her blog, you’ll see that she’s super-creative, with gorgeous flower headbands and new hats & wallets posted that don’t seem to make it to her shop before they’re snapped up!

Happy browsing,

Golly Gee these are cute!

Dear friends of mine welcomed their much-anticipated second child to their family last week, so naturally, I’ve been browsing some of my favourite handmade sites to find the perfect gift. In my web travels tonight, I came across Golly Gee! Baby, and have been debating purchases ever since.

I think I’m destined to like Golly Gee! Baby, partly because the owners are a sister team from just outside of Edmonton (my sister and I write this blog, I live outside of Edmonton. Parallels, people!) Heidi & Christina were inspired by the birth of Christina’s daughter 18 months ago and began creating their line of colourful, fun but functional designs.

Hip Hop Hat by Golly Gee -

Such a perfectly fun little hat!

My friends had a little boy, and I think that he might just need one of these ties. I’m not sure when he’ll wear it, but really, every little man needs a swank tie, right? It’s designed with little hands in mind so it won’t tighten if pulled on, and connects with velcro at the back to keep him safe as well as adjust the size.

Blue Zoo necktire by Golly Gee Baby -

For the girls in the crowd, Golly Gee! Baby offers some very sweet bubble dresses that will last your little one through at least one or two growth spurts! Just adjust the tied shoulder straps from sundress to tunic top – I know that our oldest daughter loves wearing her too-short dresses over a pair of jeans or leggings, so these would get a lot of wear at our house. Not to mention the fact that this particular version of the dress has every colour in the rainbow and our 4-year old’s biggest goal in life is to “dress like a rainbow every day”! Wonder if Golly Gee could make this in a Size 4T?

Rainbow Tunic Dress by Golly Gee Baby -

The sisters have a shop chock full of goodies – they also design baby boots & slippers, blankets, change mats, diaper bags & wet bags, cart & chair covers etc.! You can find the full rainbow of Golly Gee! Baby products on Etsy and follow them on Facebook.

Golly Gee! Baby is also half of the team behind a great new craft expo in the Edmonton area – WeeStock held their first event just outside of  Edmonton last spring and had a fantastic response. The show is expanding this Fall to more than 100 vendors, all with a family focus! If you’re in the area, save November 20th and drop by the Mayfield Trade Centre for some fantastic handmade goodies.


Babies + Hats = CiteFuzz

Oh. My. Goodness.

Put a baby in a hat, and I turn to mush… so you can imagine the big grin on my face when I found CiteFuzz tonight! Lori, the driving force between CiteFuzz, creates these adorable hats in her “spare” time between raising her 4 children and supporting her musician husband in his endeavors.

She designs and creates all of her own patterns, so these are truly unique hats for your own one-of-akind little one! CiteFuzz offers a range of sizes from newborn to adult, although I think the wee baby ones are the most precious.

Really, you can’t help but smile when you see these! - Flap Hat

Most adorable Flap Hat!

CiteFuzz - Mini Monkey

Baby with monkey ears!!

CiteFuzz - Helmet Hat

A cutie, made even cuter with a helmet hat!

CiteFuzz can be found all over the internet with a shop on Etsy and, as well as homes on Facebook and Twitter. I’m off now to decide which one of these will fit my daughter next winter!