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Indulging an Obsession

It has been a while since I last wrote about pretty coloured glass.  I have made an “executive decision” (ha!) that this needs to change… today.  When I was away on my European Adventure, one of my favorite things was seeing so many incredible stained glass windows.  It seemed like everywhere we looked there was clear summer sun streaming through beautiful colours, throwing ever-changing patterns of light that danced on the floors.  So I think there is no better time to share some authentic and lovely *Canadian* stained glass with you, our lovely C+H readers!

Tara Sawchuk is a Winnipeg artist who designs and creates her own unique stained glass panels.   Art has always been a lifelong passion for Tara, and while she has produced works in several mediums (including designing tatoos!), her glass works have been her biggest calling since 2006.   Take a peek at some of Tara’s lovely panels:

I love the colour scheme, and the "lucky sevens" theme

<image source>

The graceful, clean lines of this panel really appeal to my eye!

<image source>

Maybe you don’t have a spot to hang a whole panel, but you still want a little piece to dress up a room?  Maybe something like this gorgeous music box would be just the ticket.

Pretty colours, and pretty music, a fabulous combination!

<image source>

My absolute favorite though, is this awesome celtic symbol with an abstract twist.  A little bit different, a whole lot fabulous!

Deep colours, but still light and airy feeling, it just begs for you to keep looking a little closer

<image source>

To see more of Tara’s work (including an adorable panda, and super-sweet fox), drop by the Etsy shop!

Have a great day, and go ahead and indulge *your* obsession,

Flame + Glass = Lovely Lampwork Beads!

I love it when something just catches your eye and captures your imagination.  When I saw these gorgeous lampwork beads from Flame on Glass, I immediately started dreaming up ways of incorporating them into my daily life.  I was drawn to the colours and shapes, and just couldn’t look away.

The silver foil detail adds an extra fun touch!

This one is feminine and sweet, it's like a mini garden!

I am picturing gorgeous beaded book markers, key chains, wine glass charms, and of course some bold, chunky, and utterly fabulous jewelry.  There are so many possibilities for creative projects that would be perfect to showcase these super-fun beads.

These ones feel a little "cosmic" to me. Far out!

You can wear your heart on your sleeve... or your wrist, or anywhere you like!

Flame on Glass is the brainchild of Linda James from Salt Spring Island, BC.  Her love for melting glass has been going strong for more than a decade, and I think it shows in her beautiful beads.  Check out her Etsy shop to see all the different colours and styles, you’ll be glad you did!


Getting Swept Away…

There is something so magical about the ocean.  How anything so huge and powerful can also be calming and soothing is a mystery to me.  Whenever I am near the sea I find it almost impossible to tear myself away.  I love that feeling of being a part of something so much bigger than yourself, and the beauty of nature as the water crashes into the shoreline.

It has been a few years since I have been able to sit ocean-side, and lately I am definitely feeling like I need to feel some salt water in my hair!  But, since that is not in the cards at the moment, I have been feasting my eyes on jewelry that has been touched by the sand and surf.  I especially love the light and lovely pieces by Victoria BC’s Swept From The Sea Designs.

sea glass + beach pottery pieces + freshwater pearls + sterling silver = one fabulous bangle!

The little turtle charm looks perfectly at home on the green glass, so cute!

Picture the warm glow when the summer sun hits these sweet earrings.

I love the soft, tumbled look of the sea glass.  It has an earthy feel that sets it apart from straight coloured glass (of which I am also a HUGE fan, as many of you know by now).

I love the deep blues in these pretty dangly earrings! Sea glass in those shades is apparently quite rare, that must be why I like it so much!

Would a little bit of sea glass be the perfect finishing touch to a crafty project you have in mind?  Swept From The Sea Designs has groups of glass pieces for sale in different colours, and even some sea glass buttons that could be just the ticket.

Indulge your inner mermaid with a visit to the Etsy shop, and don’t miss the Winter White sale section!  I am off to feast my eyes on a little piece of the west coast… Enjoy!


A Little Bit of Paint & a Whole Lot of Christmas Cheer

This past weekend my husband and I bundled up the little one, threw some rope and bungee cords in the back of the SUV, and headed off to find the perfect Christmas tree.   We carefully selected a beautiful lush balsam fir, and even managed to get it home and set up without losing any branches (or our minds!).  Soon the house smelled amazing, the lights were twinkling, and our lovely handcrafted angel (-my must have purchase from last year’s One of A Kind show) was sitting gracefully on the top branch.  All that I needed was a big mug of hot chocolate in one of these great festive mugs from Canadian Creationz:

Complete with carrot nose and rosy cheeks... cute!

There is even a matching teapot!

I think this would be a perfect addition to my teapot collection. I don't have a Holiday one... yet!

This one would be an excellent choice for the “less than festive” folks among us:

In my opinion: The BEST Christmas movie. Bar none.

Or maybe you have a different festive beverage in mind…

Wouldn't these make a great hostess gift?!

Canadian Creationz (aka: Beth) also has beautiful items for other seasons throughout the year, like these glasses in her “woodland trees” motif:

Picture these filled with milk, it would be like a walk through a snow covered forest!

To see all that Beth has to offer, just visit her Etsy shop.  There’s salt and pepper shakers, ornaments, oil bottles, light switch covers, and even a painted phone!


Feelin’ Groovy

I just love it when you stumble across something totally great, and completely unexpected.  The other day I was in the middle of an online hunt for a particular item and found myself following an intriguing trail of links, not knowing where I was going to end up.  Before I knew it I had landed at Groovy Glass Girl’s Cargoh site, and I am so glad that I stopped by!  Featuring fused glass and stained glass work, paired with artistic metal and wire accents, these accessories are definitely worth a visit.

The peacock feather detail in this pendant is so neat!

I think this cosmic style pendant is out of this world!

A dramatic look, without being overly formal. Beautiful.

I really fell hard for this one:

I love the graceful sweep of the metalwork, and the green glass is lovely!

There are also plenty of earrings to choose from, like this cute pair in lime green and blue:

Plain old hoops?? no thanks! These are way more fun!

Groovy Glass Girl (aka: Poppy) creates her lovely pieces in her home studio in British Columbia.  She also has several spots that you can find her on line : all the better for those of us who aren’t “pacific adjacent”.  You can visit her Cargoh site, the Etsy shop, her blog,  or visit her on facebook.


Fractured beauty

Sometimes, you find beauty when you least expect it. Looking for inspiration, I did a quick search tonight for something blue on… and look what I found!

This gorgeous mosaic ring is made of blue stained glass, and is just one of the many colourful pieces in Aimee Mitchell’s shop.

Stained Glass ring by Fractured -

I also really love the Creamsicle ring, where she used recycled glass placed vertically in the ring base – the texture and colour is fantastic!

Stained glass ring by Fractured -

Aimee lives in Vancouver with her husband and her little Jack Russell (who’s name is Mini – love it!). She has a couple of shops online featuring her jewellery and accessories, but she also has stained glass art pieces that are really gorgeous. I’m a sucker for funky accessories that add a bit of interest to a boring “jeans and t-shirt” day running around with the kids… which is why I think my favourite piece of hers is this stunning belt buckle:

Mosaic belt buckle by Fractured -

You can find more examples of Aimee’s work in her Cargoh shop, in her jewellery Etsy shop or her art shop.


Monsters are for fun!

Halloween gives us a chance to indulge in more than just candy.  It lets us explore different aspects of our personalities.  For that day we can be darker, weirder, or even downright goofier than we would normally be any other time of the year.  Personally, I have never been a real fan of being scared.  I don’t like scary movies, and I’ve never been terribly goth, but I can definitely be silly.  So the lighthearted goofy side of halloween really appeals to me, and I have to admit that I giggled out loud when I found these loveable Monster pendants from Six Baby Girls.  Hand made glass beads that look like monster heads!  Such a fun way to get in the “spirit” (boo!) of this monster-iffic holiday.

This is PeeWee. He's a one eyed purple giggle monster. I heart him.

Protect your brain! This is Zowie Zombie, he is hungry, but also smiley. So maybe our brains are safe?

Poor Scorched Sammy. All he wanted was a steak. Now he's well done.

A classic ghoul to keep you company, Frank Friend is a howl

There are plenty of non-monster items available too, like rings, pendants, and bracelets.  You can see the whole collection at the Etsy shop.

Simply because I can’t resist:  If you haven’t yet seen Grover (one of the best monsters Ever!) do his version of the old spice commercial, you can see it here.  “Sadly, you are not a monster”… giggle.


Loving Luv 2 Have

Every outfit gets a little bit better when you add that last perfect piece, and I recently found a treasure trove full of sparkly, lovely, finishing touches.  It’s called Luv 2 Have, and it is full of beautiful dichroic fused glass jewelry.  Leah is the P.E.I artist who makes these fantasic pieces, and if you have never heard of dichroic glass, you aren’t alone!   Using a high-tech process (seriously, there are electron beam guns and vacuum chambers involved!) the glass is given a multi-layered coating that gives it unique dimension and sparkle.  Combine that with Leah’s artistry and style, and the results are shimmery, gorgeous glass creations.

You can almost feel the heat of the african sunset over the sand...

I love the leaves in fall, so why not bring that to your accessories?

Dramatic and elegant in deep red... fantastic!

Simply stunning calla lillies

If you have a particular request, or don’t see exactly what you are looking for, custom orders are available.  Plus, if you buy more that one item at a time, Leah will refund your shipping charges!  Head to the Luv 2 Have Etsy shop to see the whole selection, including rings, purse hooks and many more pretty pendants.

Happy accessorizing!


Out of Ruins: Eye-catching Glass Art

It is no secret that I adore coloured glass.  My eyes are always drawn to the play of light and colour, and I stare (ok, drool) until I have to tear myself away.  Let’s just say I almost needed a bib when I found the Ottawa collective called Out of Ruins.  Their glass art is whimsical, modern, and beautiful.  The cheerful feel would brighten your mood, even on the gloomiest winter day.

This furry friend is totally precious!

These flowers look fresh and bright!

This craggy tree brings to mind the call of the loons on a quiet northern lake.

If you have something particular in mind, you can also request custom work.  You can check out a gallery of completed custom projects here.   They also have a line of flattened wine bottle cheese boards that are both fun and functional!  You can contact them online, or find out if Out of Ruins will be at a craft show near you by clicking on the events page.


Handblown Glass = Gorgeous!

I have a special place in my heart for coloured glass. I have even been known to joke around about having to break a few things in my kitchen to make room for more pretty coloured wine glasses, tumblers, or vases… I love the play of light through glass, and beautiful colours and patterns just add to the charm.
I am so glad to have found Infinite Glassworks. Calling Eugenia, Ontario home, Kate and Matthew Civiero work with molten glass to create their sculptural pieces.

I love purple, and this vase has stolen my heart!

This paperweight makes me think of little fishes, it would be so peaceful and calming on any desk or table.

Just imagine how much better your morning orange juice would taste coming from one of these fabulous pieces!

If you would like to have one (or more!) of these gorgeous items, you can find them at the Infinite Glassworks webpage, on Etsy, or at a few retail locations in Ontario.

I’m off to start my holiday wish list…

Have a great day,

**Update!**  Infinite Glassworks has a special offer for our readers!  You can get 10% off any purchase from their Etsy shop!  All you have to do is put “Canadian Handmade” in the message to seller and they will refund 10% back to your Paypal account.   Just another reason to support our Canadian artists!