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Indulging an Obsession

It has been a while since I last wrote about pretty coloured glass.  I have made an “executive decision” (ha!) that this needs to change… today.  When I was away on my European Adventure, one of my favorite things was seeing so many incredible stained glass windows.  It seemed like everywhere we looked there was clear summer sun streaming through beautiful colours, throwing ever-changing patterns of light that danced on the floors.  So I think there is no better time to share some authentic and lovely *Canadian* stained glass with you, our lovely C+H readers!

Tara Sawchuk is a Winnipeg artist who designs and creates her own unique stained glass panels.   Art has always been a lifelong passion for Tara, and while she has produced works in several mediums (including designing tatoos!), her glass works have been her biggest calling since 2006.   Take a peek at some of Tara’s lovely panels:

I love the colour scheme, and the "lucky sevens" theme

<image source>

The graceful, clean lines of this panel really appeal to my eye!

<image source>

Maybe you don’t have a spot to hang a whole panel, but you still want a little piece to dress up a room?  Maybe something like this gorgeous music box would be just the ticket.

Pretty colours, and pretty music, a fabulous combination!

<image source>

My absolute favorite though, is this awesome celtic symbol with an abstract twist.  A little bit different, a whole lot fabulous!

Deep colours, but still light and airy feeling, it just begs for you to keep looking a little closer

<image source>

To see more of Tara’s work (including an adorable panda, and super-sweet fox), drop by the Etsy shop!

Have a great day, and go ahead and indulge *your* obsession,

Romance in recycled materials

If you’re looking for something unique and a little romantic to wear this summer, look no further than Edmonton-based Pondhopper.

These gorgeous dresses and accessories are all made with reclaimed, previously- loved garments and bits and pieces of textiles and sparkle. The many layers and overstitching are Pondhopper signatures, and lend even more texture to these pretty pieces.

The dresses in particular, with their jagged hemlines and almost patchwork effect, remind me of some long-ago (and imaginary) Shakespearean wood-nymph!

Something as simple as grey and white t-shirts can become… this breezy little number:

Pondhopper tshirt dress - featured on

Swing it, girl!

Unchain My Heart dress by Pondhopper on Etsy - featured on

The "Unchain My Heart" dress - so romantic!

This Promenade Jacket is In.Credible. Incredible!

Promenade Jacket by Pondhopper on Etsy - featured on

Stunning and gorgeous and spectacular.

Grenada Fog skirt by Pondhopper on Etsy - featured on

What a fun, summer-filled skirt!

Here’s a sentence I never thought I’d say: These spats are so pretty!

Forbidden Liaison spats by Pondhopper on Etsy - featured on

A fun way to add some spice to your outfit!

You can find out more about Lorraine and her creative, organic pieces on her blog, her Facebook page and you can certainly do some shopping from this Edmonton based artist at her Pondhopper Etsy shop!


Flipping out over Filomene

I admire people who get dressed up every day.  That whole “pulled together, with just the right accessories, make-up on and hair nicely done” look eludes me almost daily, so I truly am impressed by those who pull it off on a regular basis!  If I had unlimited time and wardrobe options, I would likely choose a simple but classic knee-length dress, some super cute peep-toe kitten heels, and just the right bold and eye-catching accessories to top it all off.  In reality though, I am usually happy if my outfit is clean, co-ordinated, and not terribly wrinkled.  When I can sneak in a pair of cute shoes I am on a roll!

When I spotted these fabulous pieces by Filomene, I immediately added them to my mental collection… (to go with all those perfect Audrey Hepburn dresses of course!).  Just check out this fun and bold bracelet, and you’ll see what I mean:


Pretty and versatile, you can pair it with casual wear or something a little dressier!

<image source>

Filomene is the work of Audrey, a graphic designer from Quebec.  Her inspirations include life, colour, buttons and even candy.


This “Sunny Dalhia” necklace feels organic, fun and lively.

<image source>

“Lemon Twist” is fresh and bright, the perfect accent to a little summer sundress:


The hollow circles remind me of lifesavers!

<image source>

Of course we can’t forget about earrings, and Filomene has some great ones, including these two very different but equally awesome pairs:


I like the green colour, and the teeny tiny buttons!

<image source>


Just like little picture frames for around your face!

<image source>

See more of Filomene over at the Etsy shop, you’ll be flipping out too!




Wilk watches definitely work for me!

I am in love.

Handcrafted watch by Wilks Watchworks on - featured on

Stunning - sterling silver, yellow gold and a lovely resin enameled pattern.

I get an extra little thrill when I find a beautiful, handcrafted item that I have absolutely no idea how to make myself. Some things I can imagine the process, or have even tried myself over the years, but watchmaking is not one of them. The watch above, created by Wilk Watchworks, is so pretty – and handmade by Scott Wilk in Ontario.

Trained in Metalsmithing and Gemmology, Scott brings his talents together in making the lovely cases and dials for his watches. The resin enamel patterns on the dials add some flair and colour to the otherwise understated cases.

Handmade watch by Wilks Watchworks on - featured on

Love the dial pattern!

Handmade watch by Wilks Watchworks on - featured on

Solid, but the pattern is so light. Love the contrast!

And, oh oh oh! Look at this one! These are certainly unique pieces to save up for, but well worth it for the pride of ownership, I’d say.

Handcrafted watch by Wilk Watchworks on - featured on

Ladies watch with diamond bezel. Gorge.OUS.

You can see more of Scott Wilk’s work in his Cargoh shop, Etsy shop, on his own website and follow along on Twitter as well!




A Fresh Look from Urban Walls

Sometimes you need to put a fresh look on a space without spending a lot of time or money, and without all the mess and stress of a renovation project.  For a quick and easy makeover in any room, a few stylish decals can add an interesting and unique flair, giving your space a new lease on life.

Whether you want to add a sense of humour, some dramatic design, or words of inspiration, the possibilities are endless!  Vancouver’s Urban Walls have some fantastic options, and you can customize almost any decal to suit your own vision.


So true... so very true...

<image source>


This captures the freedom and joy of a childhood summer day so perfectly!

<image source>

The decals can come in a  wide variety of colours to suit your room, so you can be sure to get just the right look.  Or you can use multiple colours, like this gorgeous tree:


I have a sudden urge to re-design my daughter’s nursery!

<image source>

I know several friends who are moving to new homes very soon, and I think a stylish and easy-to-use decal would be a wonderful housewarming gift.  Because really, who has money left to decorate when you have just spent your life savings on your new home?!  Even if you aren’t changing your geographical space any time soon, springtime still calls for a bit of updating and a fresh new look.  If you are feeling inspired, stop by the Urban Walls Etsy shop and see all the great options!

Cheers to quick, easy, and fabulous design!


Comfort on the Go: SewnNatural

If it ever stops raining here in Ontario, I am confident that warm and sunny weather will finally make an appearance.  And with those longer, summery days come all kinds of wonderful outdoor activities for the whole family.   More road trips, more all-day bbq’s, more days at the beach, more long and lazy afternoons at the park… *ahhh… bliss…*

But wait! we interrupt this daydream to bring you: Reality!  Little persons like my own toddler sized munchkin still need to have a nap or two, often right when you want to be somewhere else.  One possible solution?  Napping on the go!  A little bit of comfort and routine can go a long way, and these great nap mats from SewnNatural can give a little one their own familiar spot to rest, no matter where the summer breeze takes you.

Lovely summer flowers for a girl on the go…

<image source>

All SewnNatural products are eco-friendly and organic, which is a great way to remind kids about protecting our earth!   The underside is made of durable denim, and the inside can be any of the beautiful and soft cotton prints.


What says earth-friendly better than trees?

<image source>

SewnNatural is an Ottawa based mother-daughter team who pair a love for sustainable and ethical products with a flair for fabrics that is not to be missed!  Beyond the sweet and useful nap mats, there are toys, mobiles, bedding, bibs, and even these fantastic car seat organizers:


If I had one of these, I have a feeling my car would look a little less like a rolling garage sale! (*hangs head in shame*)

<image source>

Oh, and last but definitely not least… they also have super-cute dresses like this one:


I don't know who is cuter, the model or the elephant!

<image source>

You can find out more about the ladies of SewnNatural by visiting Jen’s awesome blog, or by taking a few minutes to visit the Etsy shop (there are many, many great listings!)

Now, if we could just get some sunshine around here…


One Elf: Tiny Treats to Make You Smile

Whimsical, lighthearted, amusing… call it whatever you like, but you won’t be able to resist a smile!  Vancouver’s One Elf miniature wearable food are perfect for young-at-heart foodies with a flair for fun.    Carefully crafted from polymer clay, they look just like the real thing, only smaller!


What summer evening would be complete without delicious, delicious s'mores?

<image source>


Peanuuut, peanut butter... jelly!

image <source>

Fair warning:  It could be hazardous to your ears to wear those last ones near my peanut butter obsessed toddler!  And how perfect would these cheeseburgers be at a casual summer bbq?


Mmmmm…. don’t they look almost good enough to eat?

<image source>

Anyone who knows me, knows that I *love* cake… You never ever have to twist my arm when that delicious treat is involved!  So it will come as no surprise that these caught my eye:


complete with sprinkles on top... perfect!

<image source>

So whether your favorite is waffles,tacos, avocado, hot dogs, or ice cream sandwiches, there’s a little something for everyone… Stop by the One Elf Etsy shop and see what’s on the menu!



Tea for Two*

In keeping with the world wide obsession with all things Royal this week, I have decided to celebrate something wholeheartedly English… Tea!  I love tea, as my collection of teapots can attest, so I thought I would share a few tea related items with you today.  Each would make a great gift for any upcoming wedding (even if your invite to Friday’s main event *did* get lost in the mail.. just like mine!).   No vow-swapping events in your near future?  You may wind up wanting one for yourself!

What’s mine is yours? hmmm… maybe not when it comes to your favorite beverage!

<image source>  This set from Vancouver’s Petrulia finds a nice balance between “couple-y” and “personal space”… love it!  Also, everything in the shop is recycled/reclaimed and then given a new (and beautiful) lease on life with handpainted designs.

oooh... this would be a perfect addition to my collection!

<image source>  This hand-thrown set from Chalk and Mud has such a beautiful blue colour.  It would be a lovely accent to almost any kitchen.

You could say this one is just about Purr-fect... (*groan*)

<image source> This unique wavy piece is courtesy of  Caroline Bousquet from Montreal.  I think the shape is appealing, and the mischievous cat makes me chuckle.   Caroline also has some great hand painted glass  items in her shop, including this super-cute turtle that stole my heart.

No matter if you are a tea fanatic, a coffee aficionado, or a hot chocolate chugger, everyone can appreciate a little bit of style and fun when you are sipping your drink of choice!


*My mother swears that the number of teapots you receive at your wedding symbolizes how many children you will have.   Has anyone else heard of this before?  Or is she just wishful thinking? (We got *five* at our wedding, and I treasure them… but not sure that I need a kiddo for each!)


Fascination Street

So, apparently, there’s a big wedding coming up next week?! Prince, Princess, royals everywhere and oh, the fashion! Prince William and Kate Middleton will be married April 29th at Westminster Abbey, and while I will admit that I haven’t paid much attention to the details, I have definitely noticed Ms. Middleton’s fabulous style.

The blue dress she wore for their engagement announcement has become a huge seller, and I’ve been seeing more press about her gorgeous choices of headwear. She is, it seems, a big fan of the fascinator.

Fascinators are headpieces that traditionally attach to the hair using a comb or a clip (but some use a headband), and are an alternative to the more traditional hats worn at important social events – like royal weddings! – or as evening wear. These delicate, fanciful headpieces most often include feathers and flowers, and add a definite punch of drama to your fanciest outfit.

In my search, I came across Vancouver’s LuLu Island Studio and Powder Blue Bijoux – both shops operated by jewelery and fashion designer Alana Belton. Her passion for beautiful materials including Swarovski crystals, silver and gold translates into really gorgeous accessories!


Powder Blue Bijoux on Etsy -

Make a statement on your big day.

Powder Blue Bijoux on Etsy -

Simply stunning!

Powder Blue Bijoux on Etsy -

Ivory Fascinator with French Tulle

In response to customer requests for a little more colour in her traditionally white bridal options at Powder Blue Bijoux, the LuLu Island line was created. Since I’m not currently in the market for bridal wear, I’m thrilled to see the rich peacock blues and vibrant reds that she creates for LuLu Island!

LuLu Island Design on Etsy -

A gorgeous addition to any evening outfit! Love it!

LuLu Island Design on Etsy -

Fuschia fabulous

Be sure to drop by Powder Blue Bijoux and LuLu Island Studio for more fabulous headpiece options – really, some drop-dead gorgeous pieces available, and she is willing to do custom adjustments as well!


P.S. Bonus points to the reader who can reference the post title, and in so doing, gets a small glimpse into my early-teen-years obsession with British music ;)

McBride House: Home to Adorable Fluffy Friends

Everyone loves a cute furry little critter.  The little round bellies, the soft ears, their sweet little noses… But not everyone really wants them all living in their house.  I think chipmunks are adorable, and have a well-known affection for little monkeys, but that in no way means I want one in my living room!  (Good Lord, I would need a live-in maid and a lot of Prozac!).  But don’t worry, you can indulge your love of  precious furry faces without having to turn your home into a small zoo.

In a small town in New Brunswick you can find McBride House, home to some of the most lovable critter-types you could ever hope to see.  Bella is a talented (and patient) needle felting artist, and she loves to create these fantastic fluffy friends:


oooh, the perfect finishing touch for an Easter basket!

<image source>


Introducing: Cornelius Montgomery Maximilian McBride... He *looooves* acorns. Good thing he comes with his own stash!

<image source>

With Easter fast approaching, Bella has reduced the price of all her bunny and chick sculptures by 10%… all the more reason to bring one home for the holiday!


"Little Yellow" is a bit shy, but she really likes *chick* flicks... :-)

<image source>


Wise old Owl would love to come and hang out on your bookshelf!

<image source>


McBride House
HA! “Grumpy Birds”!

<image source>

If you want to bring one of these sweet creations home to live with you, stop by the McBride House Etsy shop.  You can also learn more about Bella and see new works on her blog, or drop by for a visit on Facebook.


P.S. I know that it is just barely spring, and Christmas is a loooong way off, but if you are a “shop-ahead” kind of person, you won’t want to miss Bella’s felted Santa sculptures, they are lovely!