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Fashionably eco-friendly, Voilà!

Sometimes, I stumble across an artist that I think I really should have known about before.

Voila par/by Andréanne is one of those times. Hailed as one of Canada’s up and coming designers, and proudly representing her Aboriginal heritage, Andréanne Dandeneau’s eco-friendly and fair-trade clothing is beautiful in all the best ways. From start to finish, her clothing line is made in Winnipeg and the 2013 Spring/Summer collection is full of flowing fabrics, lace details and original screen printed artwork.

Some of my favourites…

Shadi Flow Dress

Shadi Flow Dress

William Lace Dress/Tunic

William Lace Dress/Tunic

And this one… the one that grabbed my attention in the first place. Oh, that jacket. I love the story behind the “Catherine’s Vine” pattern that wraps around the jacket as well. Andréanne was inspired by embroidery work done by one of her Métis ancestors in the Winnipeg area. Read more here and see an example of the original embroidery here.

Bamboo fleece riding jacket

Bamboo fleece riding jacket

I love the versatility of the 8-way Nova! Shawl – I think this “belt in front” is my favourite version, but being able to wear it as a shirt, shawl or even a skirt makes this a bargain 8-in-1. The ‘Northern Willow’ print also has a tie to Andréanne’s Aboriginal heritage and was created by a Métis artist.

8 for the price of 1! Bamboo Nova Shawl

8 for the price of 1! Bamboo Nova Shawl

Check out the rest of the Voilà par/by Andréanne collection online, in her Etsy shop or at one of a few select boutiques. If you don’t want to shop online, you can see her at one of the many shows around Western Canada that she will be attending in the coming months: Winnipeg Folk Fest, Edmonton Folk Fest and the Regina Christmas Signature Show to name a few. Those of us east of Manitoba will have to see her pieces in person at the Christmas One of a Kind Show in Toronto.

You can connect with the designer on her Facebook page and Twitter, too!

Leave us a note in the comments – we’d love to hear what your favourite piece is!


P.S. This Feather Skirt in Tangerine is ON SALE! Grab it now for a summer wardrobe boost!

Feather Skirt - fun and flirty for summer!

Feather Skirt – fun and flirty for summer!

Schoolyard fun

Through the fog of a not-very-fun spring cold, I spotted the colourful, bold prints of Toronto’s Schoolyard Studio. And I immediately felt better! Amazing what good design, cheerful graphics and a little nod to Canadian content (oak trees!) can do for a girl :)

Apron: Type by Schoolyard Studio -

Letterpress-look apron in classic black and white

Napkin: Oak Leaf by Schoolyard Studio -

Love the oak leaf print

I was so pleased to learn that the design team of Katy Chan and Hilary Dennis has always focused on making Schoolyard Studio an environmentally friendly company – their products are all made locally and printed in Toronto with water-based inks.

This pretty acorn print tea towel would look lovely in our red/white/black kitchen (nudge, nudge for Mother’s Day, husband!)

Red Acorn tea towel by Schoolyard Studio -

Genius little loop to hang the towel, too!

Katy and Hillary also have a baby line, including onesies, bibs and blankets all made with those safe, non-toxic inks and eco-friendly fabrics.

Onesie by Schoolyard Studio -

There's that friendly acorn print again!

Thank You by Schoolyard Studio -

Schoolyard Studio also offers a line of note cards - lovely!

To see more of Schoolyard Studio‘s offerings, visit their site (and enjoy their spring cleaning sale in the kitchen department!). You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

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