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Indulging an Obsession

It has been a while since I last wrote about pretty coloured glass.  I have made an “executive decision” (ha!) that this needs to change… today.  When I was away on my European Adventure, one of my favorite things was seeing so many incredible stained glass windows.  It seemed like everywhere we looked there was clear summer sun streaming through beautiful colours, throwing ever-changing patterns of light that danced on the floors.  So I think there is no better time to share some authentic and lovely *Canadian* stained glass with you, our lovely C+H readers!

Tara Sawchuk is a Winnipeg artist who designs and creates her own unique stained glass panels.   Art has always been a lifelong passion for Tara, and while she has produced works in several mediums (including designing tatoos!), her glass works have been her biggest calling since 2006.   Take a peek at some of Tara’s lovely panels:

I love the colour scheme, and the "lucky sevens" theme

<image source>

The graceful, clean lines of this panel really appeal to my eye!

<image source>

Maybe you don’t have a spot to hang a whole panel, but you still want a little piece to dress up a room?  Maybe something like this gorgeous music box would be just the ticket.

Pretty colours, and pretty music, a fabulous combination!

<image source>

My absolute favorite though, is this awesome celtic symbol with an abstract twist.  A little bit different, a whole lot fabulous!

Deep colours, but still light and airy feeling, it just begs for you to keep looking a little closer

<image source>

To see more of Tara’s work (including an adorable panda, and super-sweet fox), drop by the Etsy shop!

Have a great day, and go ahead and indulge *your* obsession,

A peek into Peeko Apparel

So, you guys know that the Make It! show was this weekend in Edmonton, right? ;)

I went to check it out on Saturday, and did some shopping and scoping out fantastic vendors to tell you about! One of the highlights for me was this scarf style from Peeko Apparel.

Neck Garland by PeekoApparel -

Brook Fung, the designer behind Peeko Apparel, explained that she uses reclaimed fabrics for many of her projects, which made them that much more interesting to me. She is very conscious of the environmental impact that our “disposable clothing” lifestyle has generated, and takes pride in giving a new life to unwanted clothing. The scarf pictured above is made from crepe suiting and can be worn a bunch of different ways, depending on whether or not y0u keep it domed up tight or loose or unbuttoned like a traditional scarf. I very nearly bought one for myself, but I kept my promise of only buying gifts for others at Make It. It was difficult, though, and I’ve already sent my husband a link to her Etsy shop :)

Brook’s esthetic is really unique and full of life – you can see from her model shots that she’s got a style all her own. I love the flirty tiered skirts she makes out of men’s dress shirts, and the fact that they can be worn with the ruffles to the front or back is genius.

Custom tiered skirt by Peeko Apparel -

Two tone shrug by Peeko Apparel -

This two-toned cardigan can be worn a couple of ways as well, and most of her pieces have multiple stylings to make them more versatile. There are wraps made from men’s dress pants, obi belts and “the boyfriend shirt” that has been turned into a shirt/dress combo and looks super comfortable.

Boyfriend shirt by Peeko Apparel -

Brook’s Facebook page has a great album full of photos of more of her pieces, including some pretty fantastic photo shoots that show off her style perfectly and photos of her runway collection from 2010 Alberta Fashion Week 2010. I highly suggest you check it out, if you like what you see here! Her pieces are all truly one-of-a-kind since they are made using previously-loved clothing and fabrics, so there is a ton of variety in her line. You can see her current line on Etsy, and learn a little more about Brook via her Etsy Storque Spotlight interview from earlier this year.