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Fashionably eco-friendly, Voilà!

Sometimes, I stumble across an artist that I think I really should have known about before.

Voila par/by Andréanne is one of those times. Hailed as one of Canada’s up and coming designers, and proudly representing her Aboriginal heritage, Andréanne Dandeneau’s eco-friendly and fair-trade clothing is beautiful in all the best ways. From start to finish, her clothing line is made in Winnipeg and the 2013 Spring/Summer collection is full of flowing fabrics, lace details and original screen printed artwork.

Some of my favourites…

Shadi Flow Dress

Shadi Flow Dress

William Lace Dress/Tunic

William Lace Dress/Tunic

And this one… the one that grabbed my attention in the first place. Oh, that jacket. I love the story behind the “Catherine’s Vine” pattern that wraps around the jacket as well. Andréanne was inspired by embroidery work done by one of her Métis ancestors in the Winnipeg area. Read more here and see an example of the original embroidery here.

Bamboo fleece riding jacket

Bamboo fleece riding jacket

I love the versatility of the 8-way Nova! Shawl – I think this “belt in front” is my favourite version, but being able to wear it as a shirt, shawl or even a skirt makes this a bargain 8-in-1. The ‘Northern Willow’ print also has a tie to Andréanne’s Aboriginal heritage and was created by a Métis artist.

8 for the price of 1! Bamboo Nova Shawl

8 for the price of 1! Bamboo Nova Shawl

Check out the rest of the Voilà par/by Andréanne collection online, in her Etsy shop or at one of a few select boutiques. If you don’t want to shop online, you can see her at one of the many shows around Western Canada that she will be attending in the coming months: Winnipeg Folk Fest, Edmonton Folk Fest and the Regina Christmas Signature Show to name a few. Those of us east of Manitoba will have to see her pieces in person at the Christmas One of a Kind Show in Toronto.

You can connect with the designer on her Facebook page and Twitter, too!

Leave us a note in the comments – we’d love to hear what your favourite piece is!


P.S. This Feather Skirt in Tangerine is ON SALE! Grab it now for a summer wardrobe boost!

Feather Skirt - fun and flirty for summer!

Feather Skirt – fun and flirty for summer!

Handmade on the Beach

June is just around the corner, and that means that beach and pool season is nearly here!  There are endless ways to bring some handmade creations along on your summer adventures.  For those who are feeling brave, you can even find beautiful hand dyed bikinis like these ones from Daub + Design!  Just slather on the sunscreen first… please!

This pretty halter is a great choice!

<image source>

Blue sky, blue water, blue bikini... sounds like a good choice to me!

<image source>

Now maybe you aren’t feeling particularly bikini-ready, but you still like the look of the fabrics… Daub + Design has some beautiful lightweight scarves or tights that would be a great accent to any outfit.

A summer feel, but perfect any time of year!

<image source>

When the sun starts shining and the mercury starts to rise, I know that many of us feel like our wardrobe needs a little freshening up… so why do we end up wearing the same bathing suit year after year? (or maybe that’s just me).   Why not make your beach attire as unique and personal as you are, and take a little handmade goodness to the beach this year?  Check out the Daub + Design Cargoh Store to see what is available!

~dreaming of warm sand between my toes, and a cold drink with an umbrella in it…

Barefoot and loving it!

Everyone has different aspects of their personality, even if they don’t often get to see the light of day.  Right now I am usually wearing my “busy working mother” hat, with the occasional “goofy friend” or “cheesy romantic wife” thrown in for good measure.  But lately I am missing a few other sides of myself.  I am currently working on re-introducing myself to the “adventuring traveler”, and maybe someday I’ll have the time to get reacquainted with the “wistful daydreamer” who used to hang out for hours in the branches of a favorite tree.

It is she, the wistful daydreamer who would feel perfectly carefree and at ease in the beautiful bohemian inspired clothing from the Barefoot Modiste.


It has a hippie feel without being shapeless, and the fabrics are lovely

<image source>

Milli is a self-taught seamstress who calls Edmonton home.  She started sewing at the tender age of eight, and hasn’t looked back since.  You can sometimes see the influence of her African roots in her work, and there is a freewheeling gypsy vibe that brings to mind music, laughter, and stories around a campfire.


I love the colours, and the fitted top/flowy bottom combination in this skirt!

<image source>


This shift dress has such a simple shape, but the African print gives it such energy and personality!

<image source>

Milli has a mild obsession with fabrics, and is always on the lookout for fabulous finds that make their way into her pieces.  Many of the materials she uses are reclaimed from thrift store or garage sale finds, so you can be sure that anything she makes is truly one of a kind.


I really like the textures in this skirt, and the mod feel of the shapes on the front!

<image source>

You can see more of the Barefoot Modiste’s free-spirited creations in her Etsy shop, or stop in and say “Hi!” on her Facebook page.

~Here’s to embracing all the different sides of our many-faceted selves!


Delicious Fashions from Sweetmeat

Everyone has a favorite outfit (or two) that never fail to make you feel spectacular, highlight all your best features, and project your personality without saying a single word.  Wouldn’t it be great if every piece of clothing we own could make us feel the same way?  If I was building this dream wardrobe for myself, there would definitely be several items from Montreal’s Sweetmeat Clothing.  The clothes have such a sense of fun, interesting lines, and the soft, stretchy fabrics are comfy enough to wear every single day.

I like the colours, and the asymetrical design.

Pretty, sexy, fun, and still classy!

This dress + kick-butt boots + tights = fabulous outfit!

Lucky Montrealer’s (Montreal-ites?) can head to Perfide at 4217 Notre-Dame West for an up close and personal look at these cool threads.  The rest of us must content ourselves with visiting the Etsy shop.

My wish for all of you today:  May your closets be filled with clothes that speak to you, and make you feel confident and amazing!


Finding Fun on Lilikoi Lane

Kids are cute.  Kids dressed up in adorable outfits are extra cute.  Kids dressed up in adorable outfits that are unique and special??  Ridiculously cute. So, if you are like me, and enjoy making sure that the little people in your life look ridiculously cute… you may want to check out the hot real estate on Lilikoi Lane.   Lilikoi is the hawaiian word for passion fruit, and just like the fruit, their shirts are bright, fresh, and full of life.  There are all kinds of designs to choose from, and each one is made to order!  Pick the design that you love, then select the colours and sizes to make it just right for your precious little person.

This style is called the Giving Tree. So sweet, and perfect for fall!

This giraffe is so adorable!

Put your little one's initial right on their shirt!

Oh, and just so nobody feels left out, Lilikoi Lane has adult sizes too!  From six months, right up to Mom and Dad, everyone can have their very own unique piece.  Or, if you prefer, the whole family can match, or have variations on one theme.  There are so many possibilities and combinations with these fun and colourful shirts.  If you don’t see a template design that suits you, just ask, custom work is always available.

See more at the Lilikoi Lane Etsy shop,or in the online store.  You can also follow Crystal (that’s the brains and busy fingers behind the clothes) on Twitter and Facebook!

Have a great day!

Mad for Anny May!

I love this time of year.  The days are still comfortably warm (usually), and the nights are cool and clear.  It does, however, add an extra challenge when making daily wardrobe choices.   How best to be prepared for variable temperatures without taking a whole closet along wherever you go?

A search for comfortable, versatile layering options led me to find Anny May‘s Etsy shop.  I immediately loved the drapey soft look of her pieces, and was even more delighted to find that Anny May items are eco-friendly!  Everything is made with either recycled or natural/organic fabrics like hemp and bamboo, and they still look fantastic.

This bamboo poncho is perfect to keep the fall chill off your shoulders

Just in case you aren't quite ready to let go of summer just yet...

The texture and detail in this bamboo shawl give it added interest while keeping you warm

Anny May also has fingerless gloves, hats, and fun little flower pins like these:

What an easy way to add a bright accent to any outfit!

Anny May is a multi-talented Quebecois, and has other great Etsy shops for you to check out too!  La Chiffonierre focuses on rag dolls, plush items and quilts.  Meanwhile, Mayapar is home to kits, patterns and supplies to help you create your own fantastic outfits.  You can also stay informed with all of her creative works on her Facebook page.


Warm Baby Toes

There is something extra special about little baby feet.  I find them so delectable that it is a shame to cover them up.  But, as the temperature drops, I find myself having to put socks and shoes on my little munchkin.  While this does make me a little bit sad, I am so glad that there are talented crafty types who make adorable footwear to keep those precious little toes warm and cozy.  Right now I am madly in love with these sweet booties from Little Knits on the Prairie.  Inspired by the colours (and weather) of Manitoba, these great booties would look fantastic on any baby from coast to coast!

Eeeee! Seriously. Tiny plump little baby feet. In these perfect booties... Cute overload!

Baby needs a matching cardigan and hat to complete the outfit? No problem!

Even the coldest winter days will be no match for these snuggly ankle booties!

There are other products available in the shop as well, like cute headbands and legwarmers.  Custom orders are welcome too, just ask!

Little Knits on the prairie has recently joined facebook, so be sure to head over and make her feel welcome.   She also has a blog, and of course, the Etsy shop.  Rumour has it that there may even be lovely soft knitted clothes for “grown up” ladies sometime in the near future, so stay tuned!


Update: Amanda now has another shop on Etsy, The Prairie Sparrow, featuring cozy knit cowls, felted bowls and more!

Golly Gee these are cute!

Dear friends of mine welcomed their much-anticipated second child to their family last week, so naturally, I’ve been browsing some of my favourite handmade sites to find the perfect gift. In my web travels tonight, I came across Golly Gee! Baby, and have been debating purchases ever since.

I think I’m destined to like Golly Gee! Baby, partly because the owners are a sister team from just outside of Edmonton (my sister and I write this blog, I live outside of Edmonton. Parallels, people!) Heidi & Christina were inspired by the birth of Christina’s daughter 18 months ago and began creating their line of colourful, fun but functional designs.

Hip Hop Hat by Golly Gee -

Such a perfectly fun little hat!

My friends had a little boy, and I think that he might just need one of these ties. I’m not sure when he’ll wear it, but really, every little man needs a swank tie, right? It’s designed with little hands in mind so it won’t tighten if pulled on, and connects with velcro at the back to keep him safe as well as adjust the size.

Blue Zoo necktire by Golly Gee Baby -

For the girls in the crowd, Golly Gee! Baby offers some very sweet bubble dresses that will last your little one through at least one or two growth spurts! Just adjust the tied shoulder straps from sundress to tunic top – I know that our oldest daughter loves wearing her too-short dresses over a pair of jeans or leggings, so these would get a lot of wear at our house. Not to mention the fact that this particular version of the dress has every colour in the rainbow and our 4-year old’s biggest goal in life is to “dress like a rainbow every day”! Wonder if Golly Gee could make this in a Size 4T?

Rainbow Tunic Dress by Golly Gee Baby -

The sisters have a shop chock full of goodies – they also design baby boots & slippers, blankets, change mats, diaper bags & wet bags, cart & chair covers etc.! You can find the full rainbow of Golly Gee! Baby products on Etsy and follow them on Facebook.

Golly Gee! Baby is also half of the team behind a great new craft expo in the Edmonton area – WeeStock held their first event just outside of  Edmonton last spring and had a fantastic response. The show is expanding this Fall to more than 100 vendors, all with a family focus! If you’re in the area, save November 20th and drop by the Mayfield Trade Centre for some fantastic handmade goodies.


Three cheers for Ureshii!

Like a lot of women, I never feel like I have enough clothes.  I am always on the lookout for something new and fabulous that can make me feel and look my best.  It’s even better if it can be a unique piece that can’t be found in every single mall across the country.  Lucky for me, while cruising online the other day, I came across Ureshii and fell in love with their soft and gorgeous styles!

Ureshii’s Ebay shop features drapey tops, dresses to flatter any woman’s curves, shrugs, tunic tops and so much more.  Each piece is elegant and suitable for office or classroom, but still sexy and flattering enough to make you feel like a vixen!  Everything is handmade in British Columbia, and many of the items are even made from eco-friendly bamboo.  I honestly can’t decide which ones I love the most.

This gorgeous drapey top is made from bamboo and is available in a variety of colours!

Perfect for pear-shapes, this dress is soft and sweet!

This dress is smokin' hot... pick your colours and make it your very own!

Cute and Comfy, this Girlfriend tee is perfect for any time/anywhere!

Best of all, Ureshii is currently having a summer sale!  At the Etsy shop you can find things marked up to 60% off!  As every girl knows, the only thing better than a great fashion find, is a great fashion find on sale…

You can also join Ureshii on Facebook and Twitter.


Off on a Tangente

It’s finally feeling like summer in Alberta, so when I saw this lovely halter top from Tangente (pronounced like tangent, but in true Canadian style, Cathy chose to include a little french flair with the added “e”!)  I definitely wanted to check out more of this designer’s collection!

Black Halter by Tangente -

Love the bold graphic

Cathy now lives in Ottawa but grew up in New Brunswick. She creates her own patterns and sews each unique piece herself, often including vintage fabric and scarves. I enjoyed browsing through her Spring/Summer 2010 collection on Etsy, which she also has available in a few independent boutiques.

That halter top above is really versatile – it comes with one of her vintage scarves, but you could switch it out for another of your own, or use a ribbon or fabric braid for a different look altogether. Very fun.

Here are a few more of my favourites from Tangente:

Summer Doily Top by Tangente -

Love the gather on the hip!

Wraparound Cardigan by Tangente -

Such a stylish twist on the standard cardigan

You can see more of Cathy’s designs and keep up with her at her blog and on Facebook.