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Something Sweet about Summer Time

For both of us here at C+H, time is of the essence.  As in, we just plain don’t have enough of it!   A few extra hours in the day would be worth their weight in gold (metaphorically of course).  I know we are not alone, as so many of you are struggling with the same challenges.  There is just so much that we want to do, especially now that it is finally, officially, SUMMER!  So, in honour of this fresh new season, and the jam-packed 24 hours that we are each get to share every day, may I present these fabulous clocks from Sunshine in the Summer.

Natural, peaceful, and easy on the eyes!

<image source>

I love the earthy, sun-soaked feel of driftwood.  It brings a little touch of summer any time of the year, and that really matters when we are suffering through those frigid days of February!

It would be pretty hard to be stressed out when looking at *this* clock, no matter what time it shows!

<image source>

Sunshine in the Summer Time is the creation of British Columbia’s Brandy Nohr.  Despite a fear of the water, her career (and her heart) have always kept her near the ocean.  Her love of all things nautical shows through in her work, and especially for those of us who are a bit land-locked, it is a breath of fresh salt air!

While I was admiring Brandy’s clocks, I also couldn’t help but notice these lovely little votive holders.  Perfect to nestle among your seaside treasures in the summer, or tuck among some holly and evergreens at Christmas-time!

Maybe you can’t have a bonfire on the beach, but maybe this can bring a little of that magic to your home!

<image source>

No matter how busy and hectic your days may be, here’s hoping that you can find a peaceful moment or two to refresh your mind.  Maybe we can’t get any extra hours in our days, but we can celebrate the moments that we do have, and embrace a new season as well!

Sun-soaked and loving it,

Art + Fabric = Wearable Art

I get a little thrill when I discover someone who’s doing something different – and I had that feeling when I saw the work of Heidi Denessen in her HD Art & Apparel shop.

First up, I saw the Big Thaw Tunic dress… and then discovered that it is her own artwork, printed on eco-friendly fabric, that adorns the back scoop of this reversible piece. Love it!

Big That Tunic by heiditheartist on Etsy -

Love a pretty back detail!

And this – the reversible Deep Lake Tunic dress:

Deep Lake Tunic by heiditheartist on Etsy -

The shop tagline: make ART print art on FABRIC make CLOTHING

I really do love the idea of “wearable art”, and I like how Heidi has incorporated it in a more subtle way – a splash of colour at the neckline, or a peek along the hem.To see where the fabric inspiration comes from, I checked out some of her original artwork pieces and these are a couple of my favourites:

Tiny Pieces, Shannon Falls by Heidi Denessen ( - source:

Tiny Pieces, Crest of 29th, by Heidi Denessen - source:

Heidi was born and raised in BC, and now makes her home in North Vancouver with her fellow artist husband and their little boys. Her artwork is focused on mixed media work, with bold colours and detailed collages incorporating paper and other materials. You can visit her website to see some examples of her work – it’s obvious that she is inspired by the gorgeous landscapes around her Vancouver home!

You can find Heidi’s apparel collection (including tunics, dresses, gloves and scarves) at her Etsy shop and her artwok at You can also find her on Facebook and on Twitter!





Handmade on the Beach

June is just around the corner, and that means that beach and pool season is nearly here!  There are endless ways to bring some handmade creations along on your summer adventures.  For those who are feeling brave, you can even find beautiful hand dyed bikinis like these ones from Daub + Design!  Just slather on the sunscreen first… please!

This pretty halter is a great choice!

<image source>

Blue sky, blue water, blue bikini... sounds like a good choice to me!

<image source>

Now maybe you aren’t feeling particularly bikini-ready, but you still like the look of the fabrics… Daub + Design has some beautiful lightweight scarves or tights that would be a great accent to any outfit.

A summer feel, but perfect any time of year!

<image source>

When the sun starts shining and the mercury starts to rise, I know that many of us feel like our wardrobe needs a little freshening up… so why do we end up wearing the same bathing suit year after year? (or maybe that’s just me).   Why not make your beach attire as unique and personal as you are, and take a little handmade goodness to the beach this year?  Check out the Daub + Design Cargoh Store to see what is available!

~dreaming of warm sand between my toes, and a cold drink with an umbrella in it…

Event Alert: C+H Birthday Edition!

As we celebrate our first year of spreading the handmade love here at C+H, we invite you to spread a little love to your local crafters and artisans this weekend.  Hunt down a market, show, or independent/handmade retailer near you, and let them know you appreciate all that they are doing to keep handmade alive and strong in Canada!   If you are in Vancouver, Winnipeg, or Toronto, look no further than these great gatherings of talent… they can’t wait to show you what they have to offer!

Vancouver, BC: This month’s Portobello West market is happening on the 29th, and as always, it’s a great place to find a huge mix of handmade goodies.  Head to the Creekside Community Recreation Centre (1 Athlete’s Way, Vancouver) on this Sunday.  Become a member for only $15 and you get free admission every time you come back this year! And trust us, you *will* want to come back!

Winnipeg, MB: Aqua Books plays host to the awesomely-named Crafty Minions show and sale this Saturday from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm.   Featuring “guerrilla DIY craft” with funk and flair, and admission is free.   Aqua Books is at 274 Garry Street, so make sure you stop by and say “hi!”.

Toronto, ON: Fashionistas of any age will want to stop by The Clothing Show this Friday through Sunday in Toronto.  Showing a mix of handmade, independent, and vintage clothing, it is certain to be a feast for the eyes.   Avoid the lines and get tickets online here, then make your way to the show in the Queen Elizabeth Building at Exhibition Place.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Light as a feather

Ah, feathers. I picked up some lovely little purple feather earrings recently, and I’ve been seeing feathers everywhere ever since.

Tianna Grey of Vancouver’s Tetrik has been making pretty accessories, many of them featuring feathers for years (and actually began crafting in high school making purses and other accessories for family and friends). After taking a little break, Tianna came back to Tetrik in 2008 and has been incorporating feathers and vintage bits and bobs ever since.

Tetrik Parrot Feather earring - on

Image from Tetrik on Etsy

The parrot earrings above, and the fab colour of the peacock feather earrings below are calling my name…

Peacock earrings by Tetrik -

Image by Tetrik on Etsy

… and this ostrich feather hair comb is so stunning!


Ostrich feather hair comb by Tetrik -

Image by Tetrik on Etsy

Tetrik offers a range of accessories including pendants, rings and headbands! You can find Tetrik on Etsy, as well as at Cargoh and Facebook.



A Fresh Look from Urban Walls

Sometimes you need to put a fresh look on a space without spending a lot of time or money, and without all the mess and stress of a renovation project.  For a quick and easy makeover in any room, a few stylish decals can add an interesting and unique flair, giving your space a new lease on life.

Whether you want to add a sense of humour, some dramatic design, or words of inspiration, the possibilities are endless!  Vancouver’s Urban Walls have some fantastic options, and you can customize almost any decal to suit your own vision.


So true... so very true...

<image source>


This captures the freedom and joy of a childhood summer day so perfectly!

<image source>

The decals can come in a  wide variety of colours to suit your room, so you can be sure to get just the right look.  Or you can use multiple colours, like this gorgeous tree:


I have a sudden urge to re-design my daughter’s nursery!

<image source>

I know several friends who are moving to new homes very soon, and I think a stylish and easy-to-use decal would be a wonderful housewarming gift.  Because really, who has money left to decorate when you have just spent your life savings on your new home?!  Even if you aren’t changing your geographical space any time soon, springtime still calls for a bit of updating and a fresh new look.  If you are feeling inspired, stop by the Urban Walls Etsy shop and see all the great options!

Cheers to quick, easy, and fabulous design!


One Elf: Tiny Treats to Make You Smile

Whimsical, lighthearted, amusing… call it whatever you like, but you won’t be able to resist a smile!  Vancouver’s One Elf miniature wearable food are perfect for young-at-heart foodies with a flair for fun.    Carefully crafted from polymer clay, they look just like the real thing, only smaller!


What summer evening would be complete without delicious, delicious s'mores?

<image source>


Peanuuut, peanut butter... jelly!

image <source>

Fair warning:  It could be hazardous to your ears to wear those last ones near my peanut butter obsessed toddler!  And how perfect would these cheeseburgers be at a casual summer bbq?


Mmmmm…. don’t they look almost good enough to eat?

<image source>

Anyone who knows me, knows that I *love* cake… You never ever have to twist my arm when that delicious treat is involved!  So it will come as no surprise that these caught my eye:


complete with sprinkles on top... perfect!

<image source>

So whether your favorite is waffles,tacos, avocado, hot dogs, or ice cream sandwiches, there’s a little something for everyone… Stop by the One Elf Etsy shop and see what’s on the menu!



Tea for Two*

In keeping with the world wide obsession with all things Royal this week, I have decided to celebrate something wholeheartedly English… Tea!  I love tea, as my collection of teapots can attest, so I thought I would share a few tea related items with you today.  Each would make a great gift for any upcoming wedding (even if your invite to Friday’s main event *did* get lost in the mail.. just like mine!).   No vow-swapping events in your near future?  You may wind up wanting one for yourself!

What’s mine is yours? hmmm… maybe not when it comes to your favorite beverage!

<image source>  This set from Vancouver’s Petrulia finds a nice balance between “couple-y” and “personal space”… love it!  Also, everything in the shop is recycled/reclaimed and then given a new (and beautiful) lease on life with handpainted designs.

oooh... this would be a perfect addition to my collection!

<image source>  This hand-thrown set from Chalk and Mud has such a beautiful blue colour.  It would be a lovely accent to almost any kitchen.

You could say this one is just about Purr-fect... (*groan*)

<image source> This unique wavy piece is courtesy of  Caroline Bousquet from Montreal.  I think the shape is appealing, and the mischievous cat makes me chuckle.   Caroline also has some great hand painted glass  items in her shop, including this super-cute turtle that stole my heart.

No matter if you are a tea fanatic, a coffee aficionado, or a hot chocolate chugger, everyone can appreciate a little bit of style and fun when you are sipping your drink of choice!


*My mother swears that the number of teapots you receive at your wedding symbolizes how many children you will have.   Has anyone else heard of this before?  Or is she just wishful thinking? (We got *five* at our wedding, and I treasure them… but not sure that I need a kiddo for each!)


Fascination Street

So, apparently, there’s a big wedding coming up next week?! Prince, Princess, royals everywhere and oh, the fashion! Prince William and Kate Middleton will be married April 29th at Westminster Abbey, and while I will admit that I haven’t paid much attention to the details, I have definitely noticed Ms. Middleton’s fabulous style.

The blue dress she wore for their engagement announcement has become a huge seller, and I’ve been seeing more press about her gorgeous choices of headwear. She is, it seems, a big fan of the fascinator.

Fascinators are headpieces that traditionally attach to the hair using a comb or a clip (but some use a headband), and are an alternative to the more traditional hats worn at important social events – like royal weddings! – or as evening wear. These delicate, fanciful headpieces most often include feathers and flowers, and add a definite punch of drama to your fanciest outfit.

In my search, I came across Vancouver’s LuLu Island Studio and Powder Blue Bijoux – both shops operated by jewelery and fashion designer Alana Belton. Her passion for beautiful materials including Swarovski crystals, silver and gold translates into really gorgeous accessories!


Powder Blue Bijoux on Etsy -

Make a statement on your big day.

Powder Blue Bijoux on Etsy -

Simply stunning!

Powder Blue Bijoux on Etsy -

Ivory Fascinator with French Tulle

In response to customer requests for a little more colour in her traditionally white bridal options at Powder Blue Bijoux, the LuLu Island line was created. Since I’m not currently in the market for bridal wear, I’m thrilled to see the rich peacock blues and vibrant reds that she creates for LuLu Island!

LuLu Island Design on Etsy -

A gorgeous addition to any evening outfit! Love it!

LuLu Island Design on Etsy -

Fuschia fabulous

Be sure to drop by Powder Blue Bijoux and LuLu Island Studio for more fabulous headpiece options – really, some drop-dead gorgeous pieces available, and she is willing to do custom adjustments as well!


P.S. Bonus points to the reader who can reference the post title, and in so doing, gets a small glimpse into my early-teen-years obsession with British music ;)

Meet Sarah, Jaki and Katie!

I met the lovely Jolanta of Jola V. Designs on Twitter, and then at the OOAK Vancouver show last December. Not only is she on the “tall girls” team with me, but she also has a bag called the “Sarah”. Match made in heaven!

The Sarah bag, like all of Jolanta’s pieces, is made using leather that is pre-cut, overstock, repurposed or liquidated. I appreciate that the hides she uses are being being turned into beautiful bags rather than shredded or sent to landfill. This means that Jolanta often has limited (but fabulous) colour runs for her bags, making them that much more special.

The Sarah bag by Jola V Designs -

A group of Sarah bags - love the colours!

{image source}

Having seen Jolanta’s super-soft bags in person, I love the extra special details (the ruffles, the braided strap, the added knot of leather) and the way those are incorporated into very functional and roomy construction.

The Katie bag by Jola V Designs -

The "Katie" bag

{image source}

Jaki Tote by Jola V Designs -

The lacing is a great detail on this Jaki tote

{image source}

She has also recently added canvas totes to her line, which are adorable (no surprise there!). These would add a little fun to your travel or beach wardrobe, or fill it up at the local farmers market!

QT Beach Canvas Tote by Jola V Designs -

The ruffles! I love the ruffles!

{image source}

So, do you love them?! Here’s some good news – Jola V Designs is celebrating 2 years in business, and Jolanta is offering a chance to win one of her popular Sarah bags – drop by the Facebook page and comment here for a chance to win!

You can also find Jolanta on Twitter, and all of her bags are available on her website at If you’re an Etsy fan, you can visit her shop there, too but it is a limited selection – check her website for full range of colours and styles!