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Romance in recycled materials

If you’re looking for something unique and a little romantic to wear this summer, look no further than Edmonton-based Pondhopper.

These gorgeous dresses and accessories are all made with reclaimed, previously- loved garments and bits and pieces of textiles and sparkle. The many layers and overstitching are Pondhopper signatures, and lend even more texture to these pretty pieces.

The dresses in particular, with their jagged hemlines and almost patchwork effect, remind me of some long-ago (and imaginary) Shakespearean wood-nymph!

Something as simple as grey and white t-shirts can become… this breezy little number:

Pondhopper tshirt dress - featured on

Swing it, girl!

Unchain My Heart dress by Pondhopper on Etsy - featured on

The "Unchain My Heart" dress - so romantic!

This Promenade Jacket is In.Credible. Incredible!

Promenade Jacket by Pondhopper on Etsy - featured on

Stunning and gorgeous and spectacular.

Grenada Fog skirt by Pondhopper on Etsy - featured on

What a fun, summer-filled skirt!

Here’s a sentence I never thought I’d say: These spats are so pretty!

Forbidden Liaison spats by Pondhopper on Etsy - featured on

A fun way to add some spice to your outfit!

You can find out more about Lorraine and her creative, organic pieces on her blog, her Facebook page and you can certainly do some shopping from this Edmonton based artist at her Pondhopper Etsy shop!


Flipping out over Filomene

I admire people who get dressed up every day.  That whole “pulled together, with just the right accessories, make-up on and hair nicely done” look eludes me almost daily, so I truly am impressed by those who pull it off on a regular basis!  If I had unlimited time and wardrobe options, I would likely choose a simple but classic knee-length dress, some super cute peep-toe kitten heels, and just the right bold and eye-catching accessories to top it all off.  In reality though, I am usually happy if my outfit is clean, co-ordinated, and not terribly wrinkled.  When I can sneak in a pair of cute shoes I am on a roll!

When I spotted these fabulous pieces by Filomene, I immediately added them to my mental collection… (to go with all those perfect Audrey Hepburn dresses of course!).  Just check out this fun and bold bracelet, and you’ll see what I mean:


Pretty and versatile, you can pair it with casual wear or something a little dressier!

<image source>

Filomene is the work of Audrey, a graphic designer from Quebec.  Her inspirations include life, colour, buttons and even candy.


This “Sunny Dalhia” necklace feels organic, fun and lively.

<image source>

“Lemon Twist” is fresh and bright, the perfect accent to a little summer sundress:


The hollow circles remind me of lifesavers!

<image source>

Of course we can’t forget about earrings, and Filomene has some great ones, including these two very different but equally awesome pairs:


I like the green colour, and the teeny tiny buttons!

<image source>


Just like little picture frames for around your face!

<image source>

See more of Filomene over at the Etsy shop, you’ll be flipping out too!




Moose sightings

My family and I spent last week in the foothills of the Rockies, and woke up Tuesday morning to see a Mama moose and her twin 1-week old babies playing and snacking near our campsite. We watched them for close to an hour before a park ranger drove by and they wandered off down the road.

Baby moose -

The babies!

Our girls have been talking about moose ever since, so we went looking yesterday for Etsy’s version of moose, and found Toronto’s Sparrow Avenue. Barbara di Lella works her magic drawing, painting and silk screening her artwork onto linens fashioned in to pillows, bags, wallets, aprons and more.

Vintage Moose Pillow by Sparrow Avenue on

Perfect for a cabin, or any place where the outdoors can be brought inside!

I also love this little tea towel – “Dogs have owners. Cats have staff”. As a family with 2 cats and a dog, I’m fairly qualified to say this is an accurate statement!

Vintage Style Dog Tea Towel by Sparrow Avenue on

Ah, sweet puppy

Barbara also has an interesting blog where she features more of her work and the projects she’s tackling! I really love seeing the process from idea to finished product, and the challenges along the way.

You can find her work on Etsy at Sparrow Avenue and on the blog.


P.S. One more moose:

Moose Pouch by Sparrow Avenue on

A sweet little moose pouch!


A Travelling Round-Up

With my passport dusted off, and tickets in hand, I am off discovering foreign lands with my dear husband.  So naturally we have had travel on the brain for quite a few weeks, and I have stumbled upon some very cool handmade items that are perfect for any global adventurer!  So I thought I would share a few of them with you, while I am away soaking up some European sun…

I really love this travel journal from Prairie Peasant:

A perfect home for all your precious memories!

And LaPetiteBoheme’s “whole wide world” earrings are a lovely accent to finish off any outfit with some international flair:

I bet someone with some crafty skills could turn these into some fabulous cuff-links too! (father's day anyone?)

Nellyvansee from Montreal has this lovely globe pendant that lets you keep the whole world in your hand (or at least near your heart…)

it's a small world after all...

You can even bring lots of international appeal to your very own home sweet home.  A little touch like this fabulous aviator map pillow from Atelier688 could be just what you are looking for:

This one shows the Peking region... so neat!

And just in case you need something to help pass some time while you wait for a plane, train, or automobile… Check out this cute little travel tic-tac-toe game from MyHappyHobbies :

The fabric "board" is a pouch to hold the pieces, and you don't have to hunt for a paper and pen!

Whether you are having a “stay-cation” this summer, or crossing the globe on an epic adventure, we are all neigbours on this crazy spinning planet of ours… and now you can embrace your inner global citizen while supporting the Canadian handmade community.  I call that a definite win-win!



Handmade on the Beach

June is just around the corner, and that means that beach and pool season is nearly here!  There are endless ways to bring some handmade creations along on your summer adventures.  For those who are feeling brave, you can even find beautiful hand dyed bikinis like these ones from Daub + Design!  Just slather on the sunscreen first… please!

This pretty halter is a great choice!

<image source>

Blue sky, blue water, blue bikini... sounds like a good choice to me!

<image source>

Now maybe you aren’t feeling particularly bikini-ready, but you still like the look of the fabrics… Daub + Design has some beautiful lightweight scarves or tights that would be a great accent to any outfit.

A summer feel, but perfect any time of year!

<image source>

When the sun starts shining and the mercury starts to rise, I know that many of us feel like our wardrobe needs a little freshening up… so why do we end up wearing the same bathing suit year after year? (or maybe that’s just me).   Why not make your beach attire as unique and personal as you are, and take a little handmade goodness to the beach this year?  Check out the Daub + Design Cargoh Store to see what is available!

~dreaming of warm sand between my toes, and a cold drink with an umbrella in it…

Light as a feather

Ah, feathers. I picked up some lovely little purple feather earrings recently, and I’ve been seeing feathers everywhere ever since.

Tianna Grey of Vancouver’s Tetrik has been making pretty accessories, many of them featuring feathers for years (and actually began crafting in high school making purses and other accessories for family and friends). After taking a little break, Tianna came back to Tetrik in 2008 and has been incorporating feathers and vintage bits and bobs ever since.

Tetrik Parrot Feather earring - on

Image from Tetrik on Etsy

The parrot earrings above, and the fab colour of the peacock feather earrings below are calling my name…

Peacock earrings by Tetrik -

Image by Tetrik on Etsy

… and this ostrich feather hair comb is so stunning!


Ostrich feather hair comb by Tetrik -

Image by Tetrik on Etsy

Tetrik offers a range of accessories including pendants, rings and headbands! You can find Tetrik on Etsy, as well as at Cargoh and Facebook.



Fascination Street

So, apparently, there’s a big wedding coming up next week?! Prince, Princess, royals everywhere and oh, the fashion! Prince William and Kate Middleton will be married April 29th at Westminster Abbey, and while I will admit that I haven’t paid much attention to the details, I have definitely noticed Ms. Middleton’s fabulous style.

The blue dress she wore for their engagement announcement has become a huge seller, and I’ve been seeing more press about her gorgeous choices of headwear. She is, it seems, a big fan of the fascinator.

Fascinators are headpieces that traditionally attach to the hair using a comb or a clip (but some use a headband), and are an alternative to the more traditional hats worn at important social events – like royal weddings! – or as evening wear. These delicate, fanciful headpieces most often include feathers and flowers, and add a definite punch of drama to your fanciest outfit.

In my search, I came across Vancouver’s LuLu Island Studio and Powder Blue Bijoux – both shops operated by jewelery and fashion designer Alana Belton. Her passion for beautiful materials including Swarovski crystals, silver and gold translates into really gorgeous accessories!


Powder Blue Bijoux on Etsy -

Make a statement on your big day.

Powder Blue Bijoux on Etsy -

Simply stunning!

Powder Blue Bijoux on Etsy -

Ivory Fascinator with French Tulle

In response to customer requests for a little more colour in her traditionally white bridal options at Powder Blue Bijoux, the LuLu Island line was created. Since I’m not currently in the market for bridal wear, I’m thrilled to see the rich peacock blues and vibrant reds that she creates for LuLu Island!

LuLu Island Design on Etsy -

A gorgeous addition to any evening outfit! Love it!

LuLu Island Design on Etsy -

Fuschia fabulous

Be sure to drop by Powder Blue Bijoux and LuLu Island Studio for more fabulous headpiece options – really, some drop-dead gorgeous pieces available, and she is willing to do custom adjustments as well!


P.S. Bonus points to the reader who can reference the post title, and in so doing, gets a small glimpse into my early-teen-years obsession with British music ;)

Meet Sarah, Jaki and Katie!

I met the lovely Jolanta of Jola V. Designs on Twitter, and then at the OOAK Vancouver show last December. Not only is she on the “tall girls” team with me, but she also has a bag called the “Sarah”. Match made in heaven!

The Sarah bag, like all of Jolanta’s pieces, is made using leather that is pre-cut, overstock, repurposed or liquidated. I appreciate that the hides she uses are being being turned into beautiful bags rather than shredded or sent to landfill. This means that Jolanta often has limited (but fabulous) colour runs for her bags, making them that much more special.

The Sarah bag by Jola V Designs -

A group of Sarah bags - love the colours!

{image source}

Having seen Jolanta’s super-soft bags in person, I love the extra special details (the ruffles, the braided strap, the added knot of leather) and the way those are incorporated into very functional and roomy construction.

The Katie bag by Jola V Designs -

The "Katie" bag

{image source}

Jaki Tote by Jola V Designs -

The lacing is a great detail on this Jaki tote

{image source}

She has also recently added canvas totes to her line, which are adorable (no surprise there!). These would add a little fun to your travel or beach wardrobe, or fill it up at the local farmers market!

QT Beach Canvas Tote by Jola V Designs -

The ruffles! I love the ruffles!

{image source}

So, do you love them?! Here’s some good news – Jola V Designs is celebrating 2 years in business, and Jolanta is offering a chance to win one of her popular Sarah bags – drop by the Facebook page and comment here for a chance to win!

You can also find Jolanta on Twitter, and all of her bags are available on her website at If you’re an Etsy fan, you can visit her shop there, too but it is a limited selection – check her website for full range of colours and styles!


A rose by any other name…

I am so, so, SO ready for spring and Alberta is still buried under snowbanks that are almost as tall as me (and I’m 6’0 tall, folks!).

This pillow, designed and printed by Jenna Rose in her Hamilton studio, brought a little of that summer-y warm feeling into my heart today.


Jenna Rose - Treehouse pillow -

I want to climb up into the branches and hang out with my favourite book!

{image source}


Orange and grey bike pillows by Jenna Rose -

Such a fun print - love the orange!

{image source}

Originally from Guelph, Ontario (my hometown! Cheers to Guelph!), Jenna now works out of her studio space in Hamilton’s James North area. From her website:

Jenna illustrates each design by hand, drawing inspiration from daily life. Each piece is screen-printed in house using non-toxic water-based pigments and natural and organic materials.


Woodland hat by Jenna Rose -

I adore a cute hat, and this one is adorable!

{image source}


Animals Market Tote by Jenna Rose -

A really perfect market tote!

{image source}

The tote above was recently spotted in the fabulous new online design, travel and food magazine Dabble. A highly recommended new read that I’ve definitely enjoyed browsing.

Jenna will be at the Toronto One of a Kind show this spring so be sure to stop in and say Hi if you’re headed there later this month. You can find more of her work on Etsy as well as follow along on her photography-filled blog and her website.




Buttons and baubles

I admit it, I sport a ponytail more days than I’d like. If I had some of Melissa Abram’s fun hair accessories, I might feel a little happier about that fact!

BlueTree Hair accessory by Melissa Abrams -

A simple, organic print

{image source}

Brocade by Melissa Abrams -

A splash of pretty brocade on this headband

{image source}

Okay, here’s another confession – I cannot make bobby pins do what they’re supposed to do. They just don’t stay in my hair… but if I ever figure it out, I’d like to add these pretty kimono pins to my collection, please!

Kimono by Melissa Abrams on

Little black dress, red shoes and these in your hair? Gorgeous.

{image source}

Robots are, shall we say, “trending” these days and this handsome little dude is featured on one of Melissa’s necklaces and more retro robot styles on rings as well!

We heart robots by Melissa Abrams on


{image source}

Melissa hails from Quadra Island, BC and has a great line of semi-precious jewellery as well. Be sure to drop by her website, her Etsy shop or her Facebook page to see more of her designs including earrings, rings, bracelets and more hair accessories.



P.S. I found Melissa via the Artzi Stuff shop in Nanaimo, BC! If you’re in the area, definitely check it out – over 40 Canadian artists are featured!