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Here we go again…

Hello, friends!

Yes, I know. Jenn and I have been gone for a long time. A lot longer than we expected, to be honest. We’ve missed writing here, and we’ve heard from quite a few of you that you’ve missed reading. Priorities have shifted a bit again, and life is allowing a bit more time for some of the pleasures of life (instead of just the work of everyday)… and finding and sharing Canadian+Handmade treasures definitely falls into the “pleasures” category.

After a wonderful evening of late-night shopping at the One of a Kind Show in Toronto last week, I came away (again, as I always do) inspired and full of awe for our amazingly talented country. From coast to coast, people are full to the brim with wonderful ideas and inventive products. I also loved walking the aisles and seeing familiar faces selling their handmade beauties… and hugs and long chats with vendors who have become friends through C+H is a pretty awesome perk, I have to admit.

I can’t guarantee that we’ll post every day, or even every week but we have new favourites and old friends that we want to share with you and it’s time that we got back to doing just that. We hope you’ll join us!


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