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Obsessed with handbags

Lisa Roy describes herself as a “designer obsessed with handbags”, and it’s a good thing for us that she’s turned her passion from graphic design to textiles because her handbags are stellar. Her Etsy shop is full of really lovely bags, each with a bit of flair that made me stop and take another look. (Maybe I’m a little obsessed with handbags, too?!)

This is the one that caught my eye first:

Maddie Handbag in Camel by LisaRoy - www.canadianhandmade.ca


And then I saw this one…

Gisele by LisaRoy - www.canadianhandmade.ca

That, my friends, is raspberry ultra-suede.

Lisa has a graphic design and art direction background, but at some point decided to combine her design chops, her sewing skills and her obsession for handbags. Each of Lisa’s bags is a truly unique, one of a kind bag, so if you see one you like I advise you to snatch it up quickly! You can find more of Lisa on her personal website and by visiting her blog.

Lorraine by LisaRoy - www.canadianhandmade.ca

Love the rugged/pretty combo of this bag!

Happy shopping!


2 Responses to “Obsessed with handbags”

  1. amy says:

    that red bag is lovely. definitely has my name on it! thanks for sharing these. hope your weekend is great :)

  2. canadianhandmade says:

    Glad you like them, Amy! Hope you had a lovely weekend, too!

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